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Thursday, 18 November 2010

Of Runny Noses and Aching Limbs

I'm sniffing so much I'm surprised I haven't sucked my entire nose into my face yet.


On a brighter note, my major lesson went super duper well today. Hopefully I do well for tomorrow's as well. Pressure pressure!


Dang, I think i'ma gonna be sick soon. Grr...

Oh, before I forget......


Happy 11 months dear. =)


26435 said...
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Lina An said...

Instead of sucking your nose in, you should just blow it off!

Honestly, I had a good laugh (with good tears) at that statement Clare.


Clarissa said...

Hahaha. Opting to suck my nose in instead of blowing it off would have something to do with a shortage of tissue in my room combined with my laziness to walk out to get some. =P