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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Nom Nom For The Eyes

Had a great evening out last night with James at Vivo.

Had dinner at "MusselGuys"

The food was dead awesome. I had spaghetti and James had some spicy chicken with fragrant rice thing. Dang, it was good~ We had ice cream after that too!

Paid a visit here:
Got something for someone as a Christmas present! Gonna have to do the remainder of my Christmas shopping before heading back to KL!

And of course, I can't resist a stop at Tangs whenever I go to Vivo!
Again, bought a Christmas present for someone. Cost me a bomb, that one. Definitely gauged a hole in my wallet. =(

Went to Vivomart to stock up on some essentials:

Concealer (cause I have dreadful skin O.O)

Eye shadow from L'oréal (cause it was highly recommended by Guan Yu) Lol.
Eye Makeup remover. (cause my mascara is just too damn strong)
And finally, the long awaited...

It wasn't fantastic of anything, but yeah. Entertaining nonetheless. As mentioned on my Facebook, I just hope they didn't make the 2nd part EVEN closer to a horror film than the 1st part. It was scary enough as it is. My heart nearly failed me at one point. =(

Anyways, Hermione (Emma Watson) seemed to have endless clothes to wear when they were traveling (fashionable ones too, if I might add). She's so pretty!

Her photoshoot for Burberry:

Have I mentioned that her brother (Alex Watson) is hot too?

And here's the video!


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