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Saturday, 6 November 2010


My awesome new case!!!

Ain't it gorgeous??? Best part is, it's friggin light! The other day, I was walking up the stairs to the orchestra hall for rehearsal, I actually back tracked a few steps thinking that I forgot my violin but yea... there it was, slung on my shoulder but it was so light I didn't feel it there! =P Doesn't matter that I can't put my scores inside cause I usually keep them (scores) in my bag anyways. Plus, the shape of this case is awesome-er than all the other designs!

Walao, lao niang thought cannot get already cause the last time James and I checked in Esplanade's Gramercy, the last unit had been sold! I was =(=(=( when they told me I might have to wait 6 months!!! Was thinking about settling for the silver color design instead, but they had it in the main Gramercy branch!!! =D=D=D Dad, mom, my aunt, James and I went on Thursday and we got my case, then to Esplanade to get James' case. His is in the same color and design as mine. Haha! Only it's bigger (DUH!) and also more expensive. 3 times the price of mine! AFTER discount! -_-"

My dad was all: lucky our daughter plays the violin. O_O!!

Anyways, eating fruits now. The family dumped 12 apples on me before leaving, and they're all residing in Guan Yu's fridge. =P


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