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Monday, 15 November 2010

It Is Now The Time...


Heehee~ It's the Tang's closed-door sale tomorrow and I'm dragging Guan Yu and James along! Gotta teach at 2.30pm first, then meeting them straight at Vivo for shopping and nice dinner. Can't friggin' wait!

I like this:

I've been eyeing these 2 watches since... forever! Should I get this one:
or this one?
This dress is cute but err... not very suitable to be worn in KL/Singapore leh~ O.O
And I need to visit this place:
Yes, I don't use much make-up, but I need to top up on my skin care stuff. Mainly the moisturizer and BB cream. Might get some other things if they have good promotions for them. Whee~!

Should I get this as well?
Cause my one and only brush is falling apart. Blergh.

Hopefully we'll manage to catch Harry Potter this weekend as well! Have to get tickets A.S.A.P. cause they'll be selling out fast!

But!!! First things first.


Don't anyone DARE say I'm being a shopaholic! I only shop once in a blue blue (purple?) moon, and it's to get stuff that I need/foresee needing in the near future. If I were a shopaholic, I wouldn't wait till Tang's goes on sale to buy stuff. And I'm only going cause I'm a card member and we get additional discounts. Kiamsiap (stingy) people like me can't be shopaholics lar... It took me 2 months to contemplate on whether to get a top from Hypnosis. But hey, my experience with the Nine West shoes tells me that it's always worth it to wait! I saved about 100bucks cause I stubbornly waited. =D


26435 said...
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26435 said...

shopping is AWESOME!! takes away the accumulated stress and I SOOO agree on the waiting bit!

But seriously, the faceshop SG has awesome ranges compared to KL..and best part, they have Lifetime Membership!!! And it's STILL cheaper than KL!

Waiting is a good thing. Enjoy shopping!!