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Monday, 29 November 2010

Bits and Pieces of Everything

Yes, I know I promised to blog yesterday night but err... yea. I was tired from major lesson and rehearsals and stuff. O_O Was gonna blog, but decided I didn't want to end up with another half-hearted blog post.

So Anyways, some of the pictures below are WAY overdue cause *a-hem* yours truly has been too busy (and lazy) to edit and process them. =P

Here goes:

I forgot who did this but... =D

They were meant for each other

Well, the next few pics were taken when the family invaded Singapore. (I know, that was just about a gazillion years ago. So sue me)

We stayed in Festive Hotel, Sentosa:

The walkway:
Very err... "festive"

This was taken by my sis on our shared bunk-bed. The room was pure awesome-ness!
No kidding. The bunk bed was darn sturdy. I mean, if my sis could stay on it for the entire night and not cause the darn thing to crumble... =P

My brother acting like a Bollywood actor would around trees on a wide open field:
Those who don't know what the heck I'm talking about should watch this.

Part of the room:

Well, we met up with James, Guan Yu and Ray the following afternoon for lunch at Vivo. Cause the grandma got tired of walking, James and I rented a wheelchair for her use. After my family left, Ray and Guan Yu decided to have a little fun with it.

That's Ray with the basket of apples+oranges my family left with me:

And Guan Yu attempting to look "pitiful":
"You want an orange?"

I didn't wanna bomb my cluster fridge with the apples+oranges, so we resorted to storing them in Guan Yu's fridge:
Looking terribly cluttered.

Guan Yu attempts to rearrange the pile of fruits:

Violá! Neatly (somewhat) arranged:

We've been plagued with exam fever the past 3 weeks, but Guan Yu and I had a laugh whilst walking back to our rooms from the PGP bus stop because...

of this:
And this:

We had the opportunity to catch THE Berlin Phil rehearsing and recording (FOR FRIGGIN FREE!) Didn't go for the concert because... well, there were no bleeding tickets left. -.-

Oh well, we still got to hear them play the ENTIRE Mahler symphony. Awesome stuff, I tell you. They even brought their own camera crew (for the filming) and it was heavy duty machinery man. There were funny moments as well when the orchestra managers were jabbering to the orchestra in German, and James was translating bits and pieces of what they were saying for the benefit of me and Guan Yu.

That's Guan Yu posing:
The Berlin Philharmonic with the heavy-duty filming machines (check out the tracks at the front of the stage!):

My ticket. With Guan Yu pointing at "By Invitation Only". LOL!

And then of course, there were exams the next day...

Boon Ping, looking very relaxed:

After our academic exams, we were back to the practice-eat-practice-sleep routine. And then 2 days ago, for some reason (sick of practicing, actually), James suggested an impromptu movie outing. Now, I've been dying to watch "Tangled" ever since I saw the trailer, so of course I was game!

We went to Jurong Point:

And then I saw these. COPYCATS! "Fit Flop" came up with these first! Design almost the same man...
These have the exact same design and color my own pair of "Fit-Flops" are in:

Bought new hair accessories from here:
Got a REALLY chio (pretty) clip for SGD15!

Then it was time for...

I tell you, Rapunzel is now officially my favorite Disney princess. And the prince is also not like most of the other Disney princes. I mean, for one, he's not a prince. Plus, he's a heck lot more handsome and funny.

The highlight, is the horse.

And this adorable chameleon!
Someone has this as his current desktop background. =P

I leave this video for you girls to "ohh-and-ahh" at:

The link is here.

More photoshop attempts will be coming up soon!

4 of the above pictures were courtesy of Google Images.
The rest were taken using my (lousy) Nokia XpressMusic camera.

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