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Saturday, 30 October 2010


Just when I think everything is going right, everything seems to go wrong.

Why does it seem that there's always someone who wants to dig in the fact that my life sucks?

I feel like my world has crumbled in one day.

Is feeling happy and contented a sin?

It's as if my nasty schedule isn't enough, someone insists on giving me emotional problems as well. Feels like I'm never meant to be happy for long periods of time. Something always HAS to come and royally mess everything up.

People should invent numbing pills. Then maybe I won't feel as if I'm having multiple heart attacks.

Well, for whoever that wishes me miserable, congratulations! You got your wish.

I'm supposed to be practicing but I can't concentrate, my wrist and arm hurts from 6 hours of orchestra rehearsals the whole day, and...

Hopefully, this is all just PMS.

On the bright side, the family's coming to visit me this coming Thursday. =)

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