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Wednesday, 20 October 2010


Why do people jump to conclusions?

Why do people make assumptions?

Why do people remain oblivious to reality?

Why do people live in that tiny bubble where they're right and everyone else is wrong?

It's time to do some self-reflection people.

It's human to jump to conclusions, I give you that. But jump to conclusion then make accusations before clarifying and checking your facts? In Critical Thinking, we're being taught that we should always monitor how we think and act. Yeah sure, go ahead and jump to conclusions, but don't make them public, cause in case you're wrong, it's just gonna make you look REAL bad.

You assume, I assume, everybody assumes. Assumptions are every bit a part of our lives as oxygen. It just depends on if you're smart enough to keep those assumptions to yourselves. I must have posted at least 4 posts on people assuming things before but somehow they never get tired of it. I stress again, if you assumed the right thing, I salute you. But assumptions are usually formed with a biased frame of mind, so do us all a favor and stop making asses of yourselves.

When someone says something about you, there's usually some basis behind it. People don't cook up random statements about you and pass them around as rumors (unless they're complete idiots with no life). Like I mentioned before, there's a little devil living in each of us called "self-denial" and we have to learn to keep that devil in check. So before you go on the defensive, have a long thought with regards to your behavior THEN decide if that person was right or wrong. Of course, there are people who make up stories for the fun of it; but not everyone is like that. Think about it.

Or you'll eventually look like this:

I used to belong to the category of people who thought "I'm right, you all are wrong". Well, let me tell you, it's just like having an obese person say "I'm not fat, you're all anorexic!" Wake up, grow up. Don't wait till all your friends have deserted you THEN realize you've not been very nice, by then it might be too late.

Just for the record, I never think myself as better than anyone. Quite on the contrary, I'm a black hole of flaws and imperfections. I'm insecure from the top of my head to the tip of my toes. My self confidence with regards to playing the violin is less than nil. I don't parade my thoughts to everyone who will listen, only maybe to my family and James/Guan Yu.

*The above is directed at no one in particular, just my honest opinions.*

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Wani said...

well said. i like ;)