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Tuesday, 26 October 2010


It's been a great couple of days. =) Let loose a little and went out with James for the first time in a very long while.

We first headed to IKEA for a very very late lunch (we both woke up very late).

What I had:

What he had:
Chicken Briyani *yumm~*

What we shared:
Chocolate Mousse

Apple Cake (with cinnamon)

We then proceeded to look around in IKEA, and I eventually got this:

Our "outing" was followed by a trip to Queensway Shopping Centre cause I had to get a book photostat-ed for Souptel. O_O We headed to Vivo after that, bought movie tickets to this movie:

I didn't fancy the movie much, to be honest... too much blood and gore (and nudity *rolls eyes*)

Anyways, we headed back to PGP for Ramyun noodles (dinner, since our lunch was so late and filling) and cappuccino! Whilst doing our Singapore Studies project, of course. =D Oh, and watched a great game of soccer as well. Arsenal-ManCity, the former won 3-0. Great end to a great day. =)))

Well, I thought the awesome-ness of the week would have ended there, but we somehow landed in here on Sunday evening!!! :

James and I shared this:
Hawaiian with cheesy lava crust! *drool*

Tarrant joined us as well, and he got infuriated with James' quiet-ness, but the latter was doing it on purpose so... =P It was great catching up though... Gonna have a "photo-shoot" with him this Wednesday with Guan Yu. =D

Right. I gotta go now...

P/S: I still miss the family... *sigh*


thomas said...

Is that hungry guy James the cellist?

Clarissa said...

Err... As a matter of fact, yes, it is. =)