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Tuesday, 21 September 2010


I'm only blogging because I'm taking a break after chamber practice.

Haven't had much inspiration to blog lately, not sure why, but every time I feel as if I want to blog, I click on "create post", stare at the blank screen for about 2 minutes, then close the window. -_-"

And this post is close to becoming one of those "type-halfway-dunno-what-to-type-then-delete" posting-attempts but since MPYO camp has just passed, I figured a picture post would be a good idea. =D

First stop: PERMATA
Nothing like a good game of "Mafia" to loosen ourselves up after a long day of rehearsals
And "Chor Dai Di"
Plus, of course, camwhoring in front of every available mirror. =P
The last lunch before leaving PERMATA.

Back in Singapore:
My wonderfully messy desk
And even messy-er shevles

Leaving Singapore (again):
Lunch with James at "Thai Express" @Vivocity

Went home to find this baby in the house:

Me playing on our brand new grand piano.
Mom's new baby.

Back to camp with the MPYO folks:

Eben's big hair day. =D
The handsome outcome. *cough cough*
Uncle Chris masak-masak at Darby Park!
Us with Uncle Chris' delicious beef burgers and James' "special" drink. O_O
And again, with the chef.

Not forgetting birthday celebrations:
It's Uncle Chris' birthday! James and I had to sneak away to buy the cake. Stupid waiter almost gave the game away when he misunderstood my instructions to keep the cake in the fridge first. He almost delivered it to our table! Grr...

Everyone posing with the cake.

At KLCC before concert:

Lunch at Mdm Kwan's
James and I
Chris, Dylan and I
Jebat engrossed in the menu, Eben, Andrew, James and his "I'm-trying-to-look-cute" face, and I.
Everyone say "AUDREEEEEEEE!" =P
After concert.
Tiki and Kelly came too!!!

Family time:

Dinner @ Full House, Sunway Piramid.
Sis and I. I swear, it's my new favorite restaurant/boutique.
Sis, aunt and I.
One of the dresses I bought. =D=D

That's all folks!


26435 said...
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26435 said...

fulamak...the wonderfully paraded Macs in the background of the 2nd pic. haha!

oh! Congratulations on your new 'sibling'. baby grand izit? how's the sound? needs loads of seasoning i reckon. *ish jeles*


Clarissa said...

Lol. I only JUST noticed your comment. =( I think it's a baby grand yea... haha. you can come over and "toink toink" on it anytime you want *wink*