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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Stupid Colors!!!

What if I don't care what color I am? What if I think that your methods of teaching suck? What if I find that, regardless of whether I know my colors or not, I'll still be a complete failure?

I think I'm PMS-ing.


(the opening sentence of my post refers to one of the mind-boggling modules we have to take in YST)

It's like, whatever I try to do, I'm always failing...

Wanted to do some arranging on Yoshihiro Andoh's piece but there's a class going on in the keyboard lab (which is where my arranging work station is) and my stomach's feeling weird so I don't wanna practice yet.

Have yet to memorize Syaf's pieces. Have to get it down by tonight grr... I wouldn't be stuffed if there were no solo parts. But as it is, I'm doing the opening solo *shivers* and the first piece by memory, cause they're putting me up on a platform. In her boyfriend's words, to "showcase" me. For what, I have no bleeding idea, since I'm not even a full-time member of their ensemble. They even wanted to interview me after the show, in MALAY!

I feel used.

To be honest, I have never been comfortable conversing in Malay. My vocab is limited, my grammar sucks, my intonation is completely out, and it takes about 5 minutes to get a coherent sentence out of my mouth. -_-" I hope I managed to convince them that it would be a bad idea.


Going for Mischa Maisky's concert later this evening, which also = having a nice dinner! Not that we don't have nice dinners in NUS *cough cough* but it's nice to have dinner outside for a change. But first, I have to get through Singapore Studies tutorial. *groans* I hope that woman doesn't over-dramatize everything like she did the first tutorial. A dramatic teacher is bad enough, but a dramatic teacher with a high-pitched Indian accent is just...

A nightmare.

Just so you know, I'm not being racist. I'm part Indian myself (my grandfather's Indian), and I think she really knows her stuff and all, but we all can do with a little less of her dramatic whims and fancies.

And I'm off to memorize more "taugeh"(s).


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