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Friday, 24 September 2010

Stealing My STYLE

It's astounding how thick-headed some people can get.

I was blog-hopping yesterday and came across this blog where a girl was chastising a fellow girl-friend for "stealing her style". Wanted to blog about it but err... James, Ryan, Linh and I ended up going for a movie. Heehee~

So anyways, I wouldn't consider that girl's err... apparels, any form of "style" cause it really looks like she's trying way too hard to create her own "look". (that girl cam-whores a lot with her purchases) To a certain extent, she only manages to look like a classy "Ah-Lian".

No offense.

Some of you must be thinking: who am I to say anything?

Yes, I agree hands down that I have got no sense of fashion whatsoever. And that's why I don't even try. Those who see me on a daily basis know that I'm usually in t-shirt+jeans/shorts. I seldom accessorize (the earrings I have on have been there for the past year or so), make up is only applied for concerts/dinners etc, I don't believe in manicures because I'll ruin it practicing the violin, and the amount of skincare products I use are just enough to avoid warts on my face.

I'm vain too (which girl isn't?), but I'm often too lazy to care.

Just 2/3 nights ago, James and I were doing our homework and my fringe kept getting in my face so I put a hairband on to push it back. I wore the hairband the next day only because he said I looked nice in it and it went well with the black+white top I had on. In fact, you only have to see me daily for around 3 weeks or so and you would've seen my entire wardrobe. -_-"

But I digress.

Coming back to that girl's accusations, well... who's to say who coined that "style" of hers anyways? She didn't put a copyright on it or anything, and it's not like her friend wears everything exactly the same as she does - just because she bought that top from "Topshop" and her friend got the same one the next day, that makes her friend a copycat?

**FYI, this top she was talking about? (look below)
I've seen this same design on at least 50 different girls in Singapore. Are they all copying your style then? Even if your friend INTENTIONALLY bought that top after she saw you wear it and thought it looked nice, you can't stop her now can you? Not within reason, at least.

Just imagine:
GirlA: Hey! I bought that top first!
GirlB: ...?
GirlA: You copy me! (BTW, those were the exact same words she used in that blog post)
GirlB: Err... no, I didn't.
GirlA: You did! I buy that one yesterday then today you buy the same one! (again, copied and pasted from her blog)
GirlB: . . . . . .

If Topshop only wanted one girl to have that one design, they wouldn't be mass-producing it, would they?

Some people need to think about what they're about to type before typing it. A wise man once said,' never post/type/say anything on the internet that you can't defend in court'. So, unless you DESIGNED and SEW the darn top yourself and your friend stole your sketch and SEW another one the exactly the same as yours, no one "copied" your "style".

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