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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

In a State of Blimming Confusion.

My tummy feels funny, my head is strangely light, my fingers won't run properly, my vibrato sounds somewhat more retarded than usual, my shoulders are aching, my arms are like wooden rods glued to my torso...


I blame it on the Indian food I had this afternoon. No more Indian food at least for the next 2 months. O_O

Going back to MPYO camp again tomorrow. Leaving at 2pm tomorrow with you-know-who, then bunking into Chris' room for the next 2 nights or so. Must remember to bring the Nutella he left with me. Heh~

Pictures will be posted once camp is completely over with. It felt so darn weird coming back just after a week of rehearsals without the concert to end it. And since I was absent from an entire week's worth of classes and lessons resumed yesterday, I felt like I was b*tch-slapped twice across my face by some random stranger.

Yeah... A lot of work to catch up on. Panicking about the Singapore Studies "reflection" paper thing we have to do. I have no bleeding idea what that's about yet. All I know is, it's time to dish out all the essay-writing skills that I've let rust ever since the final A-Level Eng Lit exam. Didn't think I'd need them anymore, but evidently, I thought wrong.


Right. I've got Chamber class in exactly an hour, and then Major lesson at 7pm, so I shall get back to more practice.



Looking forward to Friday so we can see a complete change in Eben's hairstyle!


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