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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Stupid Colors!!!

What if I don't care what color I am? What if I think that your methods of teaching suck? What if I find that, regardless of whether I know my colors or not, I'll still be a complete failure?

I think I'm PMS-ing.


(the opening sentence of my post refers to one of the mind-boggling modules we have to take in YST)

It's like, whatever I try to do, I'm always failing...

Wanted to do some arranging on Yoshihiro Andoh's piece but there's a class going on in the keyboard lab (which is where my arranging work station is) and my stomach's feeling weird so I don't wanna practice yet.

Have yet to memorize Syaf's pieces. Have to get it down by tonight grr... I wouldn't be stuffed if there were no solo parts. But as it is, I'm doing the opening solo *shivers* and the first piece by memory, cause they're putting me up on a platform. In her boyfriend's words, to "showcase" me. For what, I have no bleeding idea, since I'm not even a full-time member of their ensemble. They even wanted to interview me after the show, in MALAY!

I feel used.

To be honest, I have never been comfortable conversing in Malay. My vocab is limited, my grammar sucks, my intonation is completely out, and it takes about 5 minutes to get a coherent sentence out of my mouth. -_-" I hope I managed to convince them that it would be a bad idea.


Going for Mischa Maisky's concert later this evening, which also = having a nice dinner! Not that we don't have nice dinners in NUS *cough cough* but it's nice to have dinner outside for a change. But first, I have to get through Singapore Studies tutorial. *groans* I hope that woman doesn't over-dramatize everything like she did the first tutorial. A dramatic teacher is bad enough, but a dramatic teacher with a high-pitched Indian accent is just...

A nightmare.

Just so you know, I'm not being racist. I'm part Indian myself (my grandfather's Indian), and I think she really knows her stuff and all, but we all can do with a little less of her dramatic whims and fancies.

And I'm off to memorize more "taugeh"(s).


Friday, 24 September 2010

Stealing My STYLE

It's astounding how thick-headed some people can get.

I was blog-hopping yesterday and came across this blog where a girl was chastising a fellow girl-friend for "stealing her style". Wanted to blog about it but err... James, Ryan, Linh and I ended up going for a movie. Heehee~

So anyways, I wouldn't consider that girl's err... apparels, any form of "style" cause it really looks like she's trying way too hard to create her own "look". (that girl cam-whores a lot with her purchases) To a certain extent, she only manages to look like a classy "Ah-Lian".

No offense.

Some of you must be thinking: who am I to say anything?

Yes, I agree hands down that I have got no sense of fashion whatsoever. And that's why I don't even try. Those who see me on a daily basis know that I'm usually in t-shirt+jeans/shorts. I seldom accessorize (the earrings I have on have been there for the past year or so), make up is only applied for concerts/dinners etc, I don't believe in manicures because I'll ruin it practicing the violin, and the amount of skincare products I use are just enough to avoid warts on my face.

I'm vain too (which girl isn't?), but I'm often too lazy to care.

Just 2/3 nights ago, James and I were doing our homework and my fringe kept getting in my face so I put a hairband on to push it back. I wore the hairband the next day only because he said I looked nice in it and it went well with the black+white top I had on. In fact, you only have to see me daily for around 3 weeks or so and you would've seen my entire wardrobe. -_-"

But I digress.

Coming back to that girl's accusations, well... who's to say who coined that "style" of hers anyways? She didn't put a copyright on it or anything, and it's not like her friend wears everything exactly the same as she does - just because she bought that top from "Topshop" and her friend got the same one the next day, that makes her friend a copycat?

**FYI, this top she was talking about? (look below)
I've seen this same design on at least 50 different girls in Singapore. Are they all copying your style then? Even if your friend INTENTIONALLY bought that top after she saw you wear it and thought it looked nice, you can't stop her now can you? Not within reason, at least.

Just imagine:
GirlA: Hey! I bought that top first!
GirlB: ...?
GirlA: You copy me! (BTW, those were the exact same words she used in that blog post)
GirlB: Err... no, I didn't.
GirlA: You did! I buy that one yesterday then today you buy the same one! (again, copied and pasted from her blog)
GirlB: . . . . . .

If Topshop only wanted one girl to have that one design, they wouldn't be mass-producing it, would they?

Some people need to think about what they're about to type before typing it. A wise man once said,' never post/type/say anything on the internet that you can't defend in court'. So, unless you DESIGNED and SEW the darn top yourself and your friend stole your sketch and SEW another one the exactly the same as yours, no one "copied" your "style".

Tuesday, 21 September 2010


I'm only blogging because I'm taking a break after chamber practice.

Haven't had much inspiration to blog lately, not sure why, but every time I feel as if I want to blog, I click on "create post", stare at the blank screen for about 2 minutes, then close the window. -_-"

And this post is close to becoming one of those "type-halfway-dunno-what-to-type-then-delete" posting-attempts but since MPYO camp has just passed, I figured a picture post would be a good idea. =D

First stop: PERMATA
Nothing like a good game of "Mafia" to loosen ourselves up after a long day of rehearsals
And "Chor Dai Di"
Plus, of course, camwhoring in front of every available mirror. =P
The last lunch before leaving PERMATA.

Back in Singapore:
My wonderfully messy desk
And even messy-er shevles

Leaving Singapore (again):
Lunch with James at "Thai Express" @Vivocity

Went home to find this baby in the house:

Me playing on our brand new grand piano.
Mom's new baby.

Back to camp with the MPYO folks:

Eben's big hair day. =D
The handsome outcome. *cough cough*
Uncle Chris masak-masak at Darby Park!
Us with Uncle Chris' delicious beef burgers and James' "special" drink. O_O
And again, with the chef.

Not forgetting birthday celebrations:
It's Uncle Chris' birthday! James and I had to sneak away to buy the cake. Stupid waiter almost gave the game away when he misunderstood my instructions to keep the cake in the fridge first. He almost delivered it to our table! Grr...

Everyone posing with the cake.

At KLCC before concert:

Lunch at Mdm Kwan's
James and I
Chris, Dylan and I
Jebat engrossed in the menu, Eben, Andrew, James and his "I'm-trying-to-look-cute" face, and I.
Everyone say "AUDREEEEEEEE!" =P
After concert.
Tiki and Kelly came too!!!

Family time:

Dinner @ Full House, Sunway Piramid.
Sis and I. I swear, it's my new favorite restaurant/boutique.
Sis, aunt and I.
One of the dresses I bought. =D=D

That's all folks!

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

In a State of Blimming Confusion.

My tummy feels funny, my head is strangely light, my fingers won't run properly, my vibrato sounds somewhat more retarded than usual, my shoulders are aching, my arms are like wooden rods glued to my torso...


I blame it on the Indian food I had this afternoon. No more Indian food at least for the next 2 months. O_O

Going back to MPYO camp again tomorrow. Leaving at 2pm tomorrow with you-know-who, then bunking into Chris' room for the next 2 nights or so. Must remember to bring the Nutella he left with me. Heh~

Pictures will be posted once camp is completely over with. It felt so darn weird coming back just after a week of rehearsals without the concert to end it. And since I was absent from an entire week's worth of classes and lessons resumed yesterday, I felt like I was b*tch-slapped twice across my face by some random stranger.

Yeah... A lot of work to catch up on. Panicking about the Singapore Studies "reflection" paper thing we have to do. I have no bleeding idea what that's about yet. All I know is, it's time to dish out all the essay-writing skills that I've let rust ever since the final A-Level Eng Lit exam. Didn't think I'd need them anymore, but evidently, I thought wrong.


Right. I've got Chamber class in exactly an hour, and then Major lesson at 7pm, so I shall get back to more practice.



Looking forward to Friday so we can see a complete change in Eben's hairstyle!