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Thursday, 5 August 2010

A Hindrance?

I'm ill. Friggin' fever comes on and off, my entire body is aching as if I just ran a marathon, every time I swallow my throat hurts like World War III and on top of that...

Okay, I shall not turn this post into an epic emo rant.

Supposed to go for a steamboat thing tonight, but I don't know if I can/should stay up so late cause I have to wake up really early tomorrow. Next week is gonna be hell week, and I'll have many more hell weeks to endure after that so I really need to get more rest. Immune system's down cause my body's not used to the routine I have here, yet.

Right. I admit that I haven't been taking my supplements, but still... Oh, how ironic. I just remembered that the last time I fell really ill was last year. As in, exactly 12 months ago. I remember it very clearly cause it was the first week of the semester and I was absent for an entire week's lessons. Dunno what kind of timing my body has but it seems to be getting more and more screwed up as I get older. I mean, I had 2 WHOLE months to fall ill when I was back in KL, with less responsibilities and workload - and I didn't fall ill; it's currently close to my 2nd week in Singapore and NOW I start to malfunction???


I'm off to practice a little. Probably starting lessons with Souptel next week and I don't wanna play horribly on my first lesson of the year.

Me falling ill is Not your fault. Please stop blaming yourself because you've done enough as it is. Thanks for always being there for me.

And sorry for all the trouble I've caused you.

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