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Monday, 2 August 2010


In Singapore.

Checked into PGP yesterday. I didn't get the room I wanted, or thought I'd have, but since I've got air-conditioning and the room ain't in a horrible state, I'm satisfied. =)

Had dinner with the M'sians last night at K Gourmet's. T'was good, lot of gossip and random talk. I had my first cheese baked rice dish in the longest time~ Yumm~!

Felt SO good sleeping under the covers last night. Whee~~ So cosy, yet it doesn't feel sticky or anything. Like, I wasn't sweating, it felt good cause the air cond kept the air dry. It was insanely difficult to get out of the bed this morning cause...

1) It was too comfortable
2) It was cold without the quilt
3) I was lazy

Heehee. Still managed to drag myself up though. Was in YST by 10-ish, bid for the Singapore Studies Module, checked availability of the SSO concerts (neither James nor I bought any this time cause the ones we wanted were all sold out -_-") then warmed up a little before Ray came and we headed to lunch.

Practiced till about 45mins ago when my fingers started freezing up, and...

I should get back to practicing now. =D


I never thought I'd say this, but... it's good to be back.

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