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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

At Long Last...

So I'm actually able to sleep at night now that the cough's a lot better. Ate an apple and drank almost the whole bottle of chlorophyll before sleeping last night. Loved the apple cause it was so darn refreshing and sweet. All thanks to the parents and aunt who brought me the apples and kiwi fruit from KL!

They didn't come all the way just to pass me fruits la... The parents, Wee Qin and the aunt came to watch the YOG Esplanade Concert as well as do some shopping. I regret that the concert could have been much better - due to reasons I shall not disclose here - but at least we had a good time catching up over dinner (with Andrew and James) and supper (with James and Ray). They dropped us off at PGP before heading to their hotel in Sentosa (jealous!!!) and left yesterday afternoon.

Despite the fact that the YOG opening ceremony and the Esplanade concert were good performing opportunities for me, and it's not very often that these chances drop from the sky; I'm pretty glad it's all over. For one thing, I was ill during the entire week of concert rehearsals and opening ceremony run-throughs, which involved orchestra practice for 3-4hours in the morning, heading to the "Floating Platform" on Marina, waiting (under the rain) for 4 hours, "perform" for 3 minutes, and by the time we get back to PGP, it's almost midnight. The concert itself wasn't great, and I couldn't enjoy myself much cause I was preoccupied with trying not to cough the entire concert. It got so bad that I started tearing at one point, and when it got to the 2nd movement of the Dvorak Symphony, I had to press my fist against my mouth to stop myself from coughing. Not very pleasant.

However, it was nice to see my parents, aunt and Wee Qin and gossip about stuff. Mom was giving me a lecture with regards to my health not unlike the one that James had given when I first fell ill. Lol.

Will be looking forward to my trip back to KL in September. Get away from my crazy schedule in YST and all... Seriously, this term is like $%^&*!!! I've got classes EVERYDAY and it SO darn difficult to even fit my major class into my already-tight time table.



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