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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

*Yawns* *Blink Blink*

So sleepy...

Woke up at 8, practiced, bathed, drove to Liu Jian's place... *yawn*

Played for about 2 hours. O_O Would have stayed longer but she had a lunch appointment. Dropped her off near KLCC and came home, had lunch with the parents and the parents' friends...

And now, I know I should practice...

But I really wanna take a nap first.

Hopefully I don't dream of being in a dream in another dream or I might just wake up and wonder if this life I'm living is The dream. Curse "Inception" for making me think so much.

Met up with James yesterday in KLCC after he had a chamber rehearsal. Walked around for a bit, showed him the pair of shoes that I'll be getting tomorrow *squeals*, had dinner at some Shanghainese Chinese restaurant (the noodles were good~), watched "Inception" (I think my mind was in a whirlpool for 5 minutes after the movie -_-") then waited for my dad to fetch me.

Y'know what's crazy? I'm actually looking forward to returning to Singapore. =)

*runs off to find out where/what in the world is "Kranji" station*


Will be posting up "Durian Party" pictures soon.

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