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Wednesday, 14 July 2010


Someone's just gone and gotten himself ill. O_O

Take care, please... (this is going to be a very selfish statement, but...) I don't think I can handle Jeremy, Wynne and Ray all on my own for an entire weekend!

But most importantly, I want you to be well and healthy. Semester's starting soon and none of us can afford to fall ill. Since I'm not there to look after you and fuss over you (like I did the last time O_O), please rest and get well soon kay? Drink lots of water, get plenty of rest and don't eat anything fried.

Parents have decided to have the durian party next weekend, the Sunday before I leave. So yeah... I'm thinking of inviting a few people... We'll see how things go. =)

Spent the entire morning at the grandma's place. Will have to get down to practicing soon. The grandma looks really good. She can get up and walk and everything now, with the help of the walker, but yeah... Apart from that, she's doing perfect. =D

Am trying to think of where to bring the NZ and SG folks for supper this Saturday (after concert). KL-ians, any ideas???

I hope you're feeling better... Don't dare text you or anything in case you're resting. -_-"


Guess I kinda pissed you off huh? *sighs~*