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Friday, 30 July 2010

Treading On Dangerous Waters

Okay, for starters, the contents of this post has got nothing to do with the title. It's an inside joke. =D

Anyways... *a-hem* yours truly has just gotten her portable air-cond. Dad's testing it in the living room right now. Can't wait for it to do its job in my PGP room. Finally, I'll be able to curl underneath my bedcovers whilst sleeping.

Ah, the joy...

In case you lot are wondering, yes, I hardly slept a wink last night. That was probably due to the "teh tarik" I had at 4pm with the grandpa and siblings yesterday (we spent the night at the grandparents'). -_-" I really must remember that my body's uber sensitive to caffeine. Blergh~ Will have to sleep a lil' earlier tonight to make up for last night's lost sleep.

Oh, and I've (finally) packed 2/3rds of the things I have to lug with me to Singapore. Organized, folded, packed and arranged all my clothes and necessities into the humongous Benetton case last night. All that's left is the Pierre Cardin carry-on, the little box that I use to put plastic containers and water boiler in, and my backpack. I know I have a long way to go, and as listed in my daily planner, I'm technically supposed to be done with the 2nd luggage as well, but...

Alright, alright... I'll get to it later. Might as well, since I'm actually waiting for someone to text me. O_O! Chat with James for 2 hours or so earlier. He was making full use of the Starbucks WiFi, sitting there for more than 2 hours whilst slowly eating his chocolate cake.


Ooh!!! I got my Nine West shoes! I had to resist the urge to wear it that night itself, when we had to attend a pretty big family dinner. Was a little annoyed, as usual, when our respective (future) careers were brought up. See, I've got 3 male (very-distantly related) cousins who are all doing engineering, and 2 of them are exceptionally brainy (academically); 1 female "cousin" already working, her sister is a bleached blonde hairdresser (don't ask), and another female cousin from the same family who intends to audition for YST next year.

Well, put it this way, the father of those 3 male "cousins" think pursuing music=not very bright future. Maybe he doesn't realize it, but he's been offending my parents' and my (eventual?) profession since... forever. Sometimes it gets so insulting that I wish I could stick a huge blunt object up his -

Sorry, got carried away.

Bottom-line is, I don't understand why some individuals find pleasure in putting down the professions of others'. Yeah sure, your kids are brilliant, but they can't play an instrument for nuts now can they? The same way we can play an entire concerto by memory, but ask us a question about Chemical Engineering and we'd go: huh?

In your tiny, narrow-minded brains, you think that : oh, music is EASY. You play music for FUN. You don't have to memorize formulas, just those little "tauge(s)" you call NOTES. We only listen to music when we want to RELAX, so it must be a pretty RELAXING course to take.

Ignorant fools, that's what you are.

Have you any idea how many hours of work is put into producing a piece of music before it's deemed "relaxing" to your ears? Interpreting a piece of music itself could take hours/days; after which comes practice, practice and more practice. Sometimes, the piece as you play it, doesn't sound as good as how you imagined/heard it inside your head, so you practice and practice till your playing comes as close as it can get to your imagination.

Music is not like a math problem. You can only figure out so much on a piece of paper, the rest is...

That's just it. You can't sum it up in a sentence, or even two. Music is just what music is. Some of us do it as a profession because we see what joy it gives others, and we want to be the ones who give people that joy. We want to play music that evokes emotions in others the same way we get that chill up our spine when we hear performances by the greatest musicians in the world.

If all of us were doctors, lawyers or engineers, this world would be a pretty sad place.

And "Just So You Know", I'm personally acquainted with 2 doctors who are mean pianists, a lawyer who quit his job to open a music school, and an engineer/guitarist who plays gigs in hotels when he's not working.

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Kookie said...

Well Said Clare! A colleague of mine always say: To those people who think music is easy, tell them to go take a music degree. It'll kill them".

Don't matter what people say, they eventually NEED ppl like us to give them 'relaxing' music to listen to. Let them be ignorant. Their loss.