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Thursday, 22 July 2010

To Care or Not To Care, That is the Question.

Ever wonder why hurtful comments or statements said by people who mean a lot to you hurt about 1000000x more than if it were to be said by a total stranger?

I dunno, maybe because we actually give a damn about what you think of us.

Gah~ human nature. *mumblegrumble*

Sometimes I'm left pondering why we put ourselves through all that. Some people are just not that great with words, myself included, but you should know us well enough to realize that we mean well.

Which reminds me of a post I did quite a long time ago, about how much easier it would be if we did NOT care...

because you get hurt a lot less.

because you don't start making assumptions about what others think.

because you couldn't be bothered if they thought you an ogre.

But for some, we still care because it's harder Not to care. However, we'd like it if you didn't jump into (wrong) conclusions about what we say cause that hurts (most of the time) both parties.

Therefore, as much as it makes me feel like a total idiot at times, I'm still going to care. Cause the effort it takes to do otherwise is ten-fold. O_O!

I wasn't angry at all. Just a little disappointed that you misinterpreted what I said. Hope it's all been cleared up though. =)

Get well soon, and let me know when you're feeling better. *hugs*

Practice time!!!


Kookie said...

ahh...i'm getting the same feeling about the students. if i care too much, then there's so many things to take into consideration (like disciplinary action, filing in official complaints and stuff..) But it would be easier that I don't care and let them continue to screw up while I reap the wonders of their fees. Somehow, it's difficult to be in a win-win situation sometimes.

Hope everything's OK now.


Clarissa said...

Haha. Yeah... Oh well, nothing's ever perfect I guess. But everything's fine now, thanks!