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Monday, 19 July 2010

Crazy Much?

I finally managed to catch up on my sleep.

Was (quite literally) a zombie the whole of yesterday. Slept at 4am, got woken up by Jeremy's iPhone alarm repeatedly from 4.30am till 5am, sent Wynne and Jeremy off at 5.15am, slept again, woke up at 9-ish, ate a little, bathed, chit-chat with Ray and James before sending them off at 11-ish. Was supposed to go shopping with Ray and Wee Qin but I was just WAY too tired.

Slept till 1pm, lunched with mom and sis, came back home, went online... Was gonna sleep till 4pm cause there was a mini-concert I wanted to go for at 4.30pm, but no.......

Mom wanted me out by 3pm.

So yeah, concert was really good. It was great to see supportive parents and children that were enthusiastic and excited to perform on stage. Pics will be up on Facebook soon.

Saturday's concert was really good too. I enjoyed my weekend generally, though there was drama when Ray left his concert attire in the bus! -_-" Had to drive all the way back to Corus to get it before heading back to KLCC. Thankfully it was still there cause Ray can't fit into any of my dad or bro's stuff. Haha.

Dinner was... good. Would have been perfect if not for... Ok, let's not go there. But I really had a great time with the parents, Wee Qin, the YST folks and MPYO peeps. Had supper after concert somewhere near my place, and Ray, Wynne and Jeremy had their first taste of Ramly burger.

Ray was all: OMG this is SO fattening and unhealthy but it tastes SO good!

He was going on about how Singapore should ban durians instead of Ramly burgers. =P


After supper, we had a drinking session in my living room (courtesy of the dad) 2 bottles of red wine - Aussie and French. I got pretty red after my first glass, so I stopped. James, Ray and Jeremy drank more. 3 glasses, I think? Was pretty zonked after that. Blergh~ We all slept in the living room.

That's pretty much all that happened.

Practice time!

Me miss you. *pout*

Oh, and happy 7 months. Heehee.

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