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Friday, 16 July 2010

PMS - A Man's No1 Reason...

To turn gay?

I'm kidding.

Been reading a lot of blogs lately, and found that a lot (99%) of men find their women extraordinarily difficult to handle when it's err... "that time of the month".

Personally, I refer to it as the "monthly nightmare", simply because it's a pain to deal with and I get (unnecessarily) sensitive to everything.

BUT - I don't use it as an excuse to torture everyone else around me.

Guys, it's the hormones that make us grumpy and irritable. We (well, most of us) try to control the urge to lash out at our significant others - which takes quite a lot of effort - so don't complain when we go uncomfortably silent. Cause I'm betting that you lot would prefer silence to nonsensical yelling.

We may seem like we've turned into a screaming banshee that's determined to turn your life upside down, but really, it's no picnic for us. Imagine this: you're feeling angry and pissed. But you have NO idea what you're so angry and pissed about.

Wouldn't that piss you off even more?

Now that I've spelt it out for you, do we still seem like we intentionally make life difficult for you? Honestly, we don't do it on purpose.

On the other hand, if your girlfriend says something along the lines of - "if you get me an LV bag, the pain would probably go away..." - just-dump-her. That's complete BS. And well, if you really Do get her an LV bag so she would shut up and be her sweet, demure self again, I think you're pretty much a moron. -_-"

I stress again that women who use the "monthly nightmare" as an excuse to get gifts and favors should be shot dead.

But I digress...

Every woman is different, hence the different types of behaviors during the "PMS" period. I'm very thankful I don't have it bad - I don't throw tantrums and go into fits of anguish - but to the men out there who have ladies who turn into monsters when "that-time-of-the-month" arrives, be as understanding as you can be. A girl always wants to know that their guy is there for her, and being an egoistic bastard when she really needs you to be kind and gentle will make the relationship go sour.


Anyways, just a few pointers to those who need them (I hope they're helpful):

1 - Be understanding. We can't fix it, but neither can you. So the best thing to do would be giving her support and comfort when she needs it.

2 - Don't get defensive. Like I mentioned before, most of us don't even know why we're so touchy, so naturally, this is not the best time to argue about who's-right-who's-wrong.

3 - Don't assume. We really do not like our PMS anymore than you do, and the worst you can do is pretend like you know what we're going through.

4 - If her diet changes in anyway, don't question it! Like pregnancies, some women get weird cravings during PMS. Whatever you do, don't bring it up. She's touchy enough as it is.

5 - Patience. We KNOW you have a hard time dealing with us, and more often than not, we feel really bad about it once we have time to think it over. So bear with it awhile and I promise you, we'll find some way to make it up to you.

None of the above is useful to *you* though. O_O! You're an angel every time that happens to me.

Thanks. =)


Kookie said...

Well written Clare! Add the 'SHARE' button so that I can share this post on my bloggie too!! ^^


Wani said...

I couldn't agree more =P