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Friday, 9 July 2010

It's Been...

Fun. =D

Tiring, but fun nonetheless.

Well, certain aspects of it, at least.

I like my new PGP room, as much as I'm surprised to admit it. It's not half as stuffy as the one I had last year and it's facing the mini forest at the back of PGP so it's pretty cooling. I used to have to turn on the fan at level 3 and wear as little as possible when I sleep, but now I can stay decently clothed and the fan's only on at level 1! I even had to use the blanket a few nights ago cause it was getting cold.

Life's good.

Came across something really amusing (2 days ago???) whilst coming back from the random Orchard Road outing on the MRT. It was a Singaporean couple talking (arguing) about their wedding plans. At first I thought the girl was just unashamedly listing down her wedding "demands" to her boyfriend WHEN they eventually get married, well, cause they looked way too young to be getting married. The bride-to-be looked younger than me!

But anyways, since the dude responded something about how many tables they were gonna have, I figured it must be in action already.

Before I go on further, if any of you are already chastising me for eavesdropping... hmm... let's just say you can't call it eavesdropping cause they were at least 5 feet away from me, and the girl wasn't exactly whispering.

So anyways, it went from......

Girl: how many bridesmaids can I have?
Boy: how many you want to have??
Girl: I want 6.
Boy: O_O So many?? They all wear the same dress?
Girl: no!! Same colour but different design lar.
Boy: They pay ah? (hopeful tone)
Girl: of course we pay la~!!
Boy: *mumblegrumble*


Girl: The tables in the restaurant?
Boy: The package says 50 but I think we can add more.
Girl: But the invite list on my side of the family already got 60+ tables leh~!
Boy: maybe we go see another restaurant...?


Girl: what car we using?
Boy: I'll see what my friend has.
Girl: Oh... which model are you thinking of?
Boy: I'm thinking maybe we rent an Audi or something...
Girl: But I wanted to get married in an SLK Merc... And aren't you BUYING the car??
Boy: no la~ rent better... *trails off sheepishly*

Wah piang eh~ (I'm sounding as Singaporean as I can) If your fiancé can afford to BUY you a Mercedes just because you wanna get MARRIED in one, you'd be discussing wedding plans in a chauffeur-driven BMW X6, not parading your plans to the world in the MRT.

Personally, I think couples should save (if they can ill afford an elaborate wedding) as much as possible and spend more on a nice honeymoon somewhere. Okay fine, you only get married once (I hope O_O), but seriously, you want to keep the memories, not regret the amount of money you wasted on impressing your guests.

And err... aren't big weddings a pain to organize? Unless you're rich enough to get yourself a wedding planner...

Okay wait. If you could afford a wedding planner... MRT?

*evil chuckle*

James was like : walao my dad would kill me lor... Buy an SLK Merc just to get married in? Siao.


I'm off to lunch now~ Ciao!

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