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Monday, 5 July 2010


Sprained my friggin' pinky again.


Hate it when that happens. I feel as if I'm carrying a mini time bomb around, waiting for it to explode. I'm practically an invalid every time it sprains. Won't be able to practice for the next hour or so at least.

Blergh~ The side's swollen as well. It's bad enough that my pinky's crooked without it giving way when I need to practice. I had the same problem when I still played the piano, and now it's giving me problems on the violin as well. I always avoid using the pinky cause: 1) it's never in tune when I'm in 1st position; 2) my vibrato (on that finger) sounds like a nervous ostrich; 3) it hurts like crap after I'm done practicing.

Hence, my phobia of playing 10ths and finger octave scales. (I can hear some of you going: wh-at??) Well, generally, it's when I have to stretch the pinky and play in that same position for the entire scale.

Yes, ouch.

But you have to do what you have to do, no? Not gonna let that stupid finger make me a handicap.

This is really quite a freakish coincidence, but...


James and I ended up in the same block in PGP. He's on level 7, and I'm on the 5th. And apparently, we'll get the same rooms when we come back the next semester.


But my cluster (unlike his) is practically a ghost town, and therefore I have the facilities on my floor (quite literally) all to myself. My room's right next to the kitchen, opposite the toilet, and 7 steps away from the elevator (and fire escape =P). Me is happy~!

Called the grandma yesterday. She's back home now, resting. She sounded very tired, but I think she was glad that I thought of calling. =) Hope she gets better soon...

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Tarrant said...

Well I expect to be informed of any escapades you two get up to.

I kid, I kid.