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Monday, 12 July 2010

Fatigue, Oh Fatigue...

Want to sleep, can't sleep. Slept from 5am till 11.30am straight, slept again till 1.30pm; lunch... tired and want to sleep, but have to practice with my sis, and then practice my own stuff...


Going to play for OMM was... worth it. It was a really good experience. I miss playing Mahler 2 already... Our random outings with friends were also very nice. Jon Shin's concert was great, and I'm happy with my new PGP room. Mahler 3 this weekend with the MPO!!! Drinking session at my place after concert, then supper - guaranteed. =D

World cup finals was... some sort of a disappointment. But Spain deserved to win. I still think that kick in the chest should have been a flat out red card. O_O

But anyways, the better team won. Was rooting for Netherlands at first, but Spain really deserve the title. Stayed up to watch it though I was close to just dying on the couch after the first half. *sighs*

Booked another ticket for the MPO concert this Saturday for Jeremy. Will be going to visit the grandma this wednesday, then head to KLCC to get the ticket and (maybe) new shoes? Been eyeing that pair of Nine West heels since mom and I saw it a week back or so. I'm not normally the shopaholic sort of person, but yeah... On the rare occasion that I DO see something I really like (and worth my money), I would get it.

Though of course, the essentials come first. Like, getting a new violin case. Cause my own one really just... sucks. And the one I'm using now is literally falling apart. O_O

Got my new quilt cover set yesterday alongside my mom's and grandma's yesterday from Isetan. They were on 70% sale, go figure.

Okay I can't stand it. My mind's starting to think up ridiculous scenarios again, which means I really DO need sleep lest I drive myself bonkers.

Bye people~

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