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Friday, 23 July 2010

Coffee, Tea or...



Went shopping in Pavilion with the mum this morning. Left the house before 10, got back at 1pm-ish. It was the Tang's closed-door sale, go figure. Mum got quite a lot of stuff, I myself got 2 tops (FCUK and MartinaPink) plus a dress from MINKPINK. =D

Now, all that's left is those Nine West heels I've been dying to get my hands on. Hee~

Mum and I will be going to KLCC to get the shoes, as well as a few necessities before I head back to Singapore. Will be heading back there next Sunday... O_O

Which reminds me... I should really get started on packing! Don't wanna overpack this time, so I really gotta prioritize and be nit-picky about what to bring and what I can do without. Packed WAY too many clothes the last time... Gah.

Don't want my PGP room to end up like this:

Right. I'm off to fetch the siblings, take a quick shower (it's been hellish-ly hot today) and continue practicing.



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