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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

And So...

I'm whipping myself back into shape.


I meant that "Violinistic-ally", if there's such a term.

Went to KLCC today to get Jeremy's ticket. Though I couldn't get it at student price, it was discounted cause my mom's a subscriber. =D I even tried on that pair of Nine West heels!!! And I swear, it's a sign cause... they're on SALE! I think I'm gonna go get them this Friday or something. Heehee~ Oh, and we randomly bumped into Duncan on the way out of Isetan. O_O

Everything's all set and ready to go. I've even arranged a meeting time with Liu Jian (which I've been putting off for AGES) this afternoon whilst waiting for my sis in the car, at her school.

Going to see the grandma tomorrow morning. Will have to turn in a little earlier tonight cause I really need to get my batteries recharged. Woke up at 10am this morning feeling like my limbs didn't belong to me. But I DID manage to get in good practice, as well as figured out how to get the WiFi working with my Macbook so my siblings and I don't have to fight for the iMac, so I'm feeling pretty happy with myself.

Looking forward to Saturday. =)

Miss hearing his voice. Heh~ The fella makes me laugh whether or not I want to. Lol. Posted a few new pics on Facebook. Mostly of the grandpa's birthday celebration, the vegan dinner (seriously no meat AT ALL) and Jon Shin + James posing with random props after the OMM Mahler 2 concert. Check them out here~!

What I realized in the past week after much pondering : I have the coolest parents, the best (though sometimes annoying) siblings, the most loving aunt and grandparents, awesome friends, amazing and caring boyfriend...

I reckon my life's pretty good after all. *beams*

Whoops! I should get back to practice! =D

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