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Friday, 30 July 2010

Treading On Dangerous Waters

Okay, for starters, the contents of this post has got nothing to do with the title. It's an inside joke. =D

Anyways... *a-hem* yours truly has just gotten her portable air-cond. Dad's testing it in the living room right now. Can't wait for it to do its job in my PGP room. Finally, I'll be able to curl underneath my bedcovers whilst sleeping.

Ah, the joy...

In case you lot are wondering, yes, I hardly slept a wink last night. That was probably due to the "teh tarik" I had at 4pm with the grandpa and siblings yesterday (we spent the night at the grandparents'). -_-" I really must remember that my body's uber sensitive to caffeine. Blergh~ Will have to sleep a lil' earlier tonight to make up for last night's lost sleep.

Oh, and I've (finally) packed 2/3rds of the things I have to lug with me to Singapore. Organized, folded, packed and arranged all my clothes and necessities into the humongous Benetton case last night. All that's left is the Pierre Cardin carry-on, the little box that I use to put plastic containers and water boiler in, and my backpack. I know I have a long way to go, and as listed in my daily planner, I'm technically supposed to be done with the 2nd luggage as well, but...

Alright, alright... I'll get to it later. Might as well, since I'm actually waiting for someone to text me. O_O! Chat with James for 2 hours or so earlier. He was making full use of the Starbucks WiFi, sitting there for more than 2 hours whilst slowly eating his chocolate cake.


Ooh!!! I got my Nine West shoes! I had to resist the urge to wear it that night itself, when we had to attend a pretty big family dinner. Was a little annoyed, as usual, when our respective (future) careers were brought up. See, I've got 3 male (very-distantly related) cousins who are all doing engineering, and 2 of them are exceptionally brainy (academically); 1 female "cousin" already working, her sister is a bleached blonde hairdresser (don't ask), and another female cousin from the same family who intends to audition for YST next year.

Well, put it this way, the father of those 3 male "cousins" think pursuing music=not very bright future. Maybe he doesn't realize it, but he's been offending my parents' and my (eventual?) profession since... forever. Sometimes it gets so insulting that I wish I could stick a huge blunt object up his -

Sorry, got carried away.

Bottom-line is, I don't understand why some individuals find pleasure in putting down the professions of others'. Yeah sure, your kids are brilliant, but they can't play an instrument for nuts now can they? The same way we can play an entire concerto by memory, but ask us a question about Chemical Engineering and we'd go: huh?

In your tiny, narrow-minded brains, you think that : oh, music is EASY. You play music for FUN. You don't have to memorize formulas, just those little "tauge(s)" you call NOTES. We only listen to music when we want to RELAX, so it must be a pretty RELAXING course to take.

Ignorant fools, that's what you are.

Have you any idea how many hours of work is put into producing a piece of music before it's deemed "relaxing" to your ears? Interpreting a piece of music itself could take hours/days; after which comes practice, practice and more practice. Sometimes, the piece as you play it, doesn't sound as good as how you imagined/heard it inside your head, so you practice and practice till your playing comes as close as it can get to your imagination.

Music is not like a math problem. You can only figure out so much on a piece of paper, the rest is...

That's just it. You can't sum it up in a sentence, or even two. Music is just what music is. Some of us do it as a profession because we see what joy it gives others, and we want to be the ones who give people that joy. We want to play music that evokes emotions in others the same way we get that chill up our spine when we hear performances by the greatest musicians in the world.

If all of us were doctors, lawyers or engineers, this world would be a pretty sad place.

And "Just So You Know", I'm personally acquainted with 2 doctors who are mean pianists, a lawyer who quit his job to open a music school, and an engineer/guitarist who plays gigs in hotels when he's not working.


I promise I will blog once I've had a good, long nap.


Tuesday, 27 July 2010

*Yawns* *Blink Blink*

So sleepy...

Woke up at 8, practiced, bathed, drove to Liu Jian's place... *yawn*

Played for about 2 hours. O_O Would have stayed longer but she had a lunch appointment. Dropped her off near KLCC and came home, had lunch with the parents and the parents' friends...

And now, I know I should practice...

But I really wanna take a nap first.

Hopefully I don't dream of being in a dream in another dream or I might just wake up and wonder if this life I'm living is The dream. Curse "Inception" for making me think so much.

Met up with James yesterday in KLCC after he had a chamber rehearsal. Walked around for a bit, showed him the pair of shoes that I'll be getting tomorrow *squeals*, had dinner at some Shanghainese Chinese restaurant (the noodles were good~), watched "Inception" (I think my mind was in a whirlpool for 5 minutes after the movie -_-") then waited for my dad to fetch me.

Y'know what's crazy? I'm actually looking forward to returning to Singapore. =)

*runs off to find out where/what in the world is "Kranji" station*


Will be posting up "Durian Party" pictures soon.

Friday, 23 July 2010

Coffee, Tea or...



Went shopping in Pavilion with the mum this morning. Left the house before 10, got back at 1pm-ish. It was the Tang's closed-door sale, go figure. Mum got quite a lot of stuff, I myself got 2 tops (FCUK and MartinaPink) plus a dress from MINKPINK. =D

Now, all that's left is those Nine West heels I've been dying to get my hands on. Hee~

Mum and I will be going to KLCC to get the shoes, as well as a few necessities before I head back to Singapore. Will be heading back there next Sunday... O_O

Which reminds me... I should really get started on packing! Don't wanna overpack this time, so I really gotta prioritize and be nit-picky about what to bring and what I can do without. Packed WAY too many clothes the last time... Gah.

Don't want my PGP room to end up like this:

Right. I'm off to fetch the siblings, take a quick shower (it's been hellish-ly hot today) and continue practicing.



Thursday, 22 July 2010

To Care or Not To Care, That is the Question.

Ever wonder why hurtful comments or statements said by people who mean a lot to you hurt about 1000000x more than if it were to be said by a total stranger?

I dunno, maybe because we actually give a damn about what you think of us.

Gah~ human nature. *mumblegrumble*

Sometimes I'm left pondering why we put ourselves through all that. Some people are just not that great with words, myself included, but you should know us well enough to realize that we mean well.

Which reminds me of a post I did quite a long time ago, about how much easier it would be if we did NOT care...

because you get hurt a lot less.

because you don't start making assumptions about what others think.

because you couldn't be bothered if they thought you an ogre.

But for some, we still care because it's harder Not to care. However, we'd like it if you didn't jump into (wrong) conclusions about what we say cause that hurts (most of the time) both parties.

Therefore, as much as it makes me feel like a total idiot at times, I'm still going to care. Cause the effort it takes to do otherwise is ten-fold. O_O!

I wasn't angry at all. Just a little disappointed that you misinterpreted what I said. Hope it's all been cleared up though. =)

Get well soon, and let me know when you're feeling better. *hugs*

Practice time!!!

Monday, 19 July 2010

Crazy Much?

I finally managed to catch up on my sleep.

Was (quite literally) a zombie the whole of yesterday. Slept at 4am, got woken up by Jeremy's iPhone alarm repeatedly from 4.30am till 5am, sent Wynne and Jeremy off at 5.15am, slept again, woke up at 9-ish, ate a little, bathed, chit-chat with Ray and James before sending them off at 11-ish. Was supposed to go shopping with Ray and Wee Qin but I was just WAY too tired.

Slept till 1pm, lunched with mom and sis, came back home, went online... Was gonna sleep till 4pm cause there was a mini-concert I wanted to go for at 4.30pm, but no.......

Mom wanted me out by 3pm.

So yeah, concert was really good. It was great to see supportive parents and children that were enthusiastic and excited to perform on stage. Pics will be up on Facebook soon.

Saturday's concert was really good too. I enjoyed my weekend generally, though there was drama when Ray left his concert attire in the bus! -_-" Had to drive all the way back to Corus to get it before heading back to KLCC. Thankfully it was still there cause Ray can't fit into any of my dad or bro's stuff. Haha.

Dinner was... good. Would have been perfect if not for... Ok, let's not go there. But I really had a great time with the parents, Wee Qin, the YST folks and MPYO peeps. Had supper after concert somewhere near my place, and Ray, Wynne and Jeremy had their first taste of Ramly burger.

Ray was all: OMG this is SO fattening and unhealthy but it tastes SO good!

He was going on about how Singapore should ban durians instead of Ramly burgers. =P


After supper, we had a drinking session in my living room (courtesy of the dad) 2 bottles of red wine - Aussie and French. I got pretty red after my first glass, so I stopped. James, Ray and Jeremy drank more. 3 glasses, I think? Was pretty zonked after that. Blergh~ We all slept in the living room.

That's pretty much all that happened.

Practice time!

Me miss you. *pout*

Oh, and happy 7 months. Heehee.

Friday, 16 July 2010

PMS - A Man's No1 Reason...

To turn gay?

I'm kidding.

Been reading a lot of blogs lately, and found that a lot (99%) of men find their women extraordinarily difficult to handle when it's err... "that time of the month".

Personally, I refer to it as the "monthly nightmare", simply because it's a pain to deal with and I get (unnecessarily) sensitive to everything.

BUT - I don't use it as an excuse to torture everyone else around me.

Guys, it's the hormones that make us grumpy and irritable. We (well, most of us) try to control the urge to lash out at our significant others - which takes quite a lot of effort - so don't complain when we go uncomfortably silent. Cause I'm betting that you lot would prefer silence to nonsensical yelling.

We may seem like we've turned into a screaming banshee that's determined to turn your life upside down, but really, it's no picnic for us. Imagine this: you're feeling angry and pissed. But you have NO idea what you're so angry and pissed about.

Wouldn't that piss you off even more?

Now that I've spelt it out for you, do we still seem like we intentionally make life difficult for you? Honestly, we don't do it on purpose.

On the other hand, if your girlfriend says something along the lines of - "if you get me an LV bag, the pain would probably go away..." - just-dump-her. That's complete BS. And well, if you really Do get her an LV bag so she would shut up and be her sweet, demure self again, I think you're pretty much a moron. -_-"

I stress again that women who use the "monthly nightmare" as an excuse to get gifts and favors should be shot dead.

But I digress...

Every woman is different, hence the different types of behaviors during the "PMS" period. I'm very thankful I don't have it bad - I don't throw tantrums and go into fits of anguish - but to the men out there who have ladies who turn into monsters when "that-time-of-the-month" arrives, be as understanding as you can be. A girl always wants to know that their guy is there for her, and being an egoistic bastard when she really needs you to be kind and gentle will make the relationship go sour.


Anyways, just a few pointers to those who need them (I hope they're helpful):

1 - Be understanding. We can't fix it, but neither can you. So the best thing to do would be giving her support and comfort when she needs it.

2 - Don't get defensive. Like I mentioned before, most of us don't even know why we're so touchy, so naturally, this is not the best time to argue about who's-right-who's-wrong.

3 - Don't assume. We really do not like our PMS anymore than you do, and the worst you can do is pretend like you know what we're going through.

4 - If her diet changes in anyway, don't question it! Like pregnancies, some women get weird cravings during PMS. Whatever you do, don't bring it up. She's touchy enough as it is.

5 - Patience. We KNOW you have a hard time dealing with us, and more often than not, we feel really bad about it once we have time to think it over. So bear with it awhile and I promise you, we'll find some way to make it up to you.

None of the above is useful to *you* though. O_O! You're an angel every time that happens to me.

Thanks. =)

Wednesday, 14 July 2010


Someone's just gone and gotten himself ill. O_O

Take care, please... (this is going to be a very selfish statement, but...) I don't think I can handle Jeremy, Wynne and Ray all on my own for an entire weekend!

But most importantly, I want you to be well and healthy. Semester's starting soon and none of us can afford to fall ill. Since I'm not there to look after you and fuss over you (like I did the last time O_O), please rest and get well soon kay? Drink lots of water, get plenty of rest and don't eat anything fried.

Parents have decided to have the durian party next weekend, the Sunday before I leave. So yeah... I'm thinking of inviting a few people... We'll see how things go. =)

Spent the entire morning at the grandma's place. Will have to get down to practicing soon. The grandma looks really good. She can get up and walk and everything now, with the help of the walker, but yeah... Apart from that, she's doing perfect. =D

Am trying to think of where to bring the NZ and SG folks for supper this Saturday (after concert). KL-ians, any ideas???

I hope you're feeling better... Don't dare text you or anything in case you're resting. -_-"


Guess I kinda pissed you off huh? *sighs~*

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

And So...

I'm whipping myself back into shape.


I meant that "Violinistic-ally", if there's such a term.

Went to KLCC today to get Jeremy's ticket. Though I couldn't get it at student price, it was discounted cause my mom's a subscriber. =D I even tried on that pair of Nine West heels!!! And I swear, it's a sign cause... they're on SALE! I think I'm gonna go get them this Friday or something. Heehee~ Oh, and we randomly bumped into Duncan on the way out of Isetan. O_O

Everything's all set and ready to go. I've even arranged a meeting time with Liu Jian (which I've been putting off for AGES) this afternoon whilst waiting for my sis in the car, at her school.

Going to see the grandma tomorrow morning. Will have to turn in a little earlier tonight cause I really need to get my batteries recharged. Woke up at 10am this morning feeling like my limbs didn't belong to me. But I DID manage to get in good practice, as well as figured out how to get the WiFi working with my Macbook so my siblings and I don't have to fight for the iMac, so I'm feeling pretty happy with myself.

Looking forward to Saturday. =)

Miss hearing his voice. Heh~ The fella makes me laugh whether or not I want to. Lol. Posted a few new pics on Facebook. Mostly of the grandpa's birthday celebration, the vegan dinner (seriously no meat AT ALL) and Jon Shin + James posing with random props after the OMM Mahler 2 concert. Check them out here~!

What I realized in the past week after much pondering : I have the coolest parents, the best (though sometimes annoying) siblings, the most loving aunt and grandparents, awesome friends, amazing and caring boyfriend...

I reckon my life's pretty good after all. *beams*

Whoops! I should get back to practice! =D

Monday, 12 July 2010

Fatigue, Oh Fatigue...

Want to sleep, can't sleep. Slept from 5am till 11.30am straight, slept again till 1.30pm; lunch... tired and want to sleep, but have to practice with my sis, and then practice my own stuff...


Going to play for OMM was... worth it. It was a really good experience. I miss playing Mahler 2 already... Our random outings with friends were also very nice. Jon Shin's concert was great, and I'm happy with my new PGP room. Mahler 3 this weekend with the MPO!!! Drinking session at my place after concert, then supper - guaranteed. =D

World cup finals was... some sort of a disappointment. But Spain deserved to win. I still think that kick in the chest should have been a flat out red card. O_O

But anyways, the better team won. Was rooting for Netherlands at first, but Spain really deserve the title. Stayed up to watch it though I was close to just dying on the couch after the first half. *sighs*

Booked another ticket for the MPO concert this Saturday for Jeremy. Will be going to visit the grandma this wednesday, then head to KLCC to get the ticket and (maybe) new shoes? Been eyeing that pair of Nine West heels since mom and I saw it a week back or so. I'm not normally the shopaholic sort of person, but yeah... On the rare occasion that I DO see something I really like (and worth my money), I would get it.

Though of course, the essentials come first. Like, getting a new violin case. Cause my own one really just... sucks. And the one I'm using now is literally falling apart. O_O

Got my new quilt cover set yesterday alongside my mom's and grandma's yesterday from Isetan. They were on 70% sale, go figure.

Okay I can't stand it. My mind's starting to think up ridiculous scenarios again, which means I really DO need sleep lest I drive myself bonkers.

Bye people~

Friday, 9 July 2010

It's Been...

Fun. =D

Tiring, but fun nonetheless.

Well, certain aspects of it, at least.

I like my new PGP room, as much as I'm surprised to admit it. It's not half as stuffy as the one I had last year and it's facing the mini forest at the back of PGP so it's pretty cooling. I used to have to turn on the fan at level 3 and wear as little as possible when I sleep, but now I can stay decently clothed and the fan's only on at level 1! I even had to use the blanket a few nights ago cause it was getting cold.

Life's good.

Came across something really amusing (2 days ago???) whilst coming back from the random Orchard Road outing on the MRT. It was a Singaporean couple talking (arguing) about their wedding plans. At first I thought the girl was just unashamedly listing down her wedding "demands" to her boyfriend WHEN they eventually get married, well, cause they looked way too young to be getting married. The bride-to-be looked younger than me!

But anyways, since the dude responded something about how many tables they were gonna have, I figured it must be in action already.

Before I go on further, if any of you are already chastising me for eavesdropping... hmm... let's just say you can't call it eavesdropping cause they were at least 5 feet away from me, and the girl wasn't exactly whispering.

So anyways, it went from......

Girl: how many bridesmaids can I have?
Boy: how many you want to have??
Girl: I want 6.
Boy: O_O So many?? They all wear the same dress?
Girl: no!! Same colour but different design lar.
Boy: They pay ah? (hopeful tone)
Girl: of course we pay la~!!
Boy: *mumblegrumble*


Girl: The tables in the restaurant?
Boy: The package says 50 but I think we can add more.
Girl: But the invite list on my side of the family already got 60+ tables leh~!
Boy: maybe we go see another restaurant...?


Girl: what car we using?
Boy: I'll see what my friend has.
Girl: Oh... which model are you thinking of?
Boy: I'm thinking maybe we rent an Audi or something...
Girl: But I wanted to get married in an SLK Merc... And aren't you BUYING the car??
Boy: no la~ rent better... *trails off sheepishly*

Wah piang eh~ (I'm sounding as Singaporean as I can) If your fiancé can afford to BUY you a Mercedes just because you wanna get MARRIED in one, you'd be discussing wedding plans in a chauffeur-driven BMW X6, not parading your plans to the world in the MRT.

Personally, I think couples should save (if they can ill afford an elaborate wedding) as much as possible and spend more on a nice honeymoon somewhere. Okay fine, you only get married once (I hope O_O), but seriously, you want to keep the memories, not regret the amount of money you wasted on impressing your guests.

And err... aren't big weddings a pain to organize? Unless you're rich enough to get yourself a wedding planner...

Okay wait. If you could afford a wedding planner... MRT?

*evil chuckle*

James was like : walao my dad would kill me lor... Buy an SLK Merc just to get married in? Siao.


I'm off to lunch now~ Ciao!

Monday, 5 July 2010


Sprained my friggin' pinky again.


Hate it when that happens. I feel as if I'm carrying a mini time bomb around, waiting for it to explode. I'm practically an invalid every time it sprains. Won't be able to practice for the next hour or so at least.

Blergh~ The side's swollen as well. It's bad enough that my pinky's crooked without it giving way when I need to practice. I had the same problem when I still played the piano, and now it's giving me problems on the violin as well. I always avoid using the pinky cause: 1) it's never in tune when I'm in 1st position; 2) my vibrato (on that finger) sounds like a nervous ostrich; 3) it hurts like crap after I'm done practicing.

Hence, my phobia of playing 10ths and finger octave scales. (I can hear some of you going: wh-at??) Well, generally, it's when I have to stretch the pinky and play in that same position for the entire scale.

Yes, ouch.

But you have to do what you have to do, no? Not gonna let that stupid finger make me a handicap.

This is really quite a freakish coincidence, but...


James and I ended up in the same block in PGP. He's on level 7, and I'm on the 5th. And apparently, we'll get the same rooms when we come back the next semester.


But my cluster (unlike his) is practically a ghost town, and therefore I have the facilities on my floor (quite literally) all to myself. My room's right next to the kitchen, opposite the toilet, and 7 steps away from the elevator (and fire escape =P). Me is happy~!

Called the grandma yesterday. She's back home now, resting. She sounded very tired, but I think she was glad that I thought of calling. =) Hope she gets better soon...

Friday, 2 July 2010

In Less Than 24 Hours...

I'll be heading off to Singapore...

Playing in the Mahler 2 concert with the OMM. It's gonna be a huge project, so if any of ya'll are in Singapore on the 10th of July, drop by the Esplanade Concert Hall at 7pm or so. =)

Nothing much to blog about really... Just yesterday was pretty amusing when my siblings and I laughed so much in the car as we saw the van in front of us (I was driving) turn right while signaling left.

Malaysians. *sighs*

I sound like I'm not one myself. O_O


Am off to practice a little before the parents and siblings come back then we're going Japanese! *cues tummy growls* LOL