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Saturday, 26 June 2010

Tired... Really tired...

Hardly slept last night. Doesn't help that I was at the hospital from 12.30pm-10.30pm. Was keeping my grandmother company at her ward. She's in the recovery room as I'm typing this. Waiting for them to give the green light so we can go see her.

Going for brunch with Fee and Tess tomorrow before heading to KLCC with the sis. She (the sis) is planning to badger me into watching Toy Story 3. I'm quite keen on watching Ip Man though. Maybe Toy Story 3 tomorrow and Ip Man on Monday? =)

But, that's not for me to decide.

The grandpa got very emotional as we escorted the grandma to the operation theatre. I always wondered why they called it the operation "theatre".

Oh well...

I'm not thinking clearly right now. Lack of sleep from worry and anxiety. Had superbly weird dreams the past few nights. One was a stupid but pretty freaky one about spiders, and last night's was just plain weird. I know someone was in it, but I can't quite remember the details.

Blergh... I'ma need my Starbucks. O_O

The parents and sister will be dropping by again tonight. Sis is staying the night with me at grandma's place. *yawns*

Had a very healthy and organic (literally) lunch with parents, aunt, uncle, grandpa, siblings, and mom's cousin+her daughter. Didn't participate much in the conversations cause well, I had not much to say, and I was too busy snapping at my sis for humming along to whatever songs they were playing in the background. -_-"

Am off to watch nice vids to cheer myself up.

The grandma's strong, she'll be fine in no time. =) Right?


Kookie said...

Hey. Hope all's well with your grandma. Whatever surgery she had to get done, grandmas are tough cookies. ^^ she'll be a-okay.


Clarissa said...

Thanks Lina!!! She's all fine now (thank goodness). Should be up and about in no time. =)