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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

The Number 3


Camp's in 3 days.

Shit I just realised I still have A LOT of practicing to do.


Should be able to get it down by Saturday though... *prays* Haha~ Not like That's gonna help, but yeah...

Went to have fish-head-curry this afternoon with the parents, aunt and mom's old friend. Had fun gossiping and discussing stuff. Sat around at my mom's friend's house before heading to lunch, so what kind of conversations can you expect from 4 women sitting in a comfy living room with nothing to do?


Dropped the friend at her house, then proceeded to Mid Valley to do some grocery shopping. I got my moisturizer and toner from "The Face Shop". It's from a different range from the one I previously used, and the bottles are so preeetty! =P

Went to fetch the siblings after that, then to some electronic appliances shop to check out portable air conds. Parents are getting me one to put in my PGP room for next semester. Heeheehee~ I'm looking forward to being able to wait for laundry and sleep in my room without dying of suffocation.

Had a simple dinner of fried rice at home. Parents came back earlier with cheese and marble cakes. Yummy!

I... should be off to bed now.

I miss you.

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