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Tuesday, 11 May 2010


do some people do something they know they don't like doing, but do them anyway?

It's been a tiring week...

Y'know what? I'm just cranky cause the err... monthly nightmare's back, but yeah... It doesn't help that we have to deal with 6++hours of rehearsals/mock recording everyday for 6 days straight. And I was getting a little annoyed with the "click"(s) that we were hearing through ear phones. I still wanna be able to hear myself playing, so I had only one side in my right ear. Best part is, I absolutely hate listening to stuff through one ear. *wails*


Feel kinda hungry now... Bah.

Ok, that was random. -_-"

I can act unselfish, it's never been a problem for me. But I wish I could THINK unselfish as well...

Okay, here's what usually happens. A selfish thought comes to mind, but before I can SAY it out loud, I quickly wave it away. Thing is, after that, it still bugs me. It bugs me SO bad that I get angry at myself for thinking it in the first place. O_O!!!

But a person can't help thinking what he/she's thinking right? Oh boy, I really think too much. =( Wish there was a way for a person to train to think less. LOL.

Why is it so hard to be a nice person?

Got this off some blog I accidentally came across. The gal's English is bad, so this is the edited version. =P

you talk about sacrifices. Sure, there are many... But what about the things I've done for you? Do they all account for nothing? Is this what I'm merely here for? Being your pillar of support? Not that I mind... on the contrary, I don't mind at all. However, I would appreciate a little more support from you as well.

Sometimes I don't even know whether you know I exist. You walked past me at the cafeteria today without looking at me, did you even see me there? Or were you too busy flirting with that pretty blond girl beside you?

The passage above is directed at no one. Just... food for thought?


People, appreciate what you've got before it's gone. Seriously. And err... watch where you're going/stepping (I'm talking about relationships). Don't fall into a deep hole, or worse still - fall into a hole, pick up a shovel, and dig deeper.



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