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Monday, 3 May 2010


Maybe next time.

I really want to update, I really do... But I just came back to PGP after a crazy day of performance, good (and fattening!) lunch, and 2 movies back-to-back!


Normally, I'd be able to function at least till up to 10pm. But I'm very VERY close to jut shutting off now so I'm typing this as fast as I can before I faint at my desk. LOL!

Part of the reason I'm close to dying right now, is because I hadn't fully recovered from the Universal Studios outing with the family 2 days ago. I felt alright; tired, but alright. THEN we go do something crazy and now I want to just-sleep! =D

Have LOADSA pictures to upload once I get back to KL. Dad left the camera with me so I'm gonna take nice pictures for the next 2 weeks. Might as well, since I have to put up with staying in this hell hole until May 15th. O_O!!!



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