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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The Pros and Cons...

of having too much time on your hands?

I have time to sleep, but can't fall asleep.

Maybe cause I don't work myself hard enough during the day?

Apart from sending my siblings up and down from tuition/school, running errands for my parents, meeting up with friends, and practice; I really have nothing else to do with my time. O_O

I'm getting back into the practice "groove" though. Slacked a little the first 2 days I was back home, and felt so darn guilty cause my fingers started feeling really stiff. Blergh~ Have to prepare somethings to play for Liu Jian as well.

Started on a new etude yesterday and realised how bleeding inflexible my left hand fingers are. -_-" Have... to work... harder!!!

Outing with the MPYO folks on Sunday was fun. =)

Camp's in 11 days~!

*hops around like an idiot*

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