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Wednesday, 5 May 2010


People have just GOT to learn when to shut up.


Referring to what someone said over lunch earlier, I thought I'd wanna get my personal thoughts on the matter out here.

*disclaimer: whatever I'm typing is just MY opinion. You can disagree with me, you can think I'm completely nuts for thinking this way, but it's just what I THINK. Freedom of speech might not exist here, but there's freedom of thought at least?

AND, nothing is specifically aimed at anyone in particular. Just general thoughts.*

I don't think there should be a problem in a relationship where religion is concerned. I'm a Christian, albeit not a staunch one, but I never had a problem with my boyfriend being a Christian or not. Heck, we hardly ever talk about the subject. As long as the guy loves you, and he doesn't have a problem with you going to church/temple...


As long as he/she doesn't worship the Satan or anything, I don't see why religion should be such a huge issue in a relationship. Frankly speaking, I don't get why you're willing to give the relationship up just because your boyfriend/girlfriend seems a little reluctant to convert.

If he/she sees good in the religion, he/she'll convert HIM/HERSELF. He/she doesn't need prompting from anyone, because religion is a SPIRITUAL thing. He/she should realize it ON-HIS/HER-OWN. You can try exposing someone to the good in believing in something, but saying something like : if you don't convert, we'll stop seeing each other.


It's the "if-you-love-me-have-sex-with-me" thing all over again. Asking your significant other to choose between you+your religion (which might potentially change his lifestyle in the process) and single-hood is just LOW. No offense, but isn't that being very unreasonable?

Imagine if HE/SHE was the one doing that to YOU? I don't think you'd like that much, no? And if you gimme that bullshit about your religion being better than whatever he/she's currently believing in, you're friggin' blind. NOTHING in the world is perfect, and neither is religion. I can dig up shit loads of bad/suspicious/questionable teachings in every religion, but I won't. Cause someone once told me, why waste time thinking about the bad stuff? Just believe in the good stuff, and you'll be fine.

And like I mentioned earlier this evening, if we're all gonna be so negative, then we'll all be very miserable people. -_-"

Sure, God should come before anything else. Then why don't you get that sorted out BEFORE you start the friggin' relationship???

Get-this-straight. I'm not trying to make you see it the way I do. I'm presenting a different perspective, MY perspective. Sometimes you just have to keep-things-simple.

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