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Friday, 21 May 2010

I'm 3 Days Late...

But Happy 5 months anyways~


And erm... I'm absolutely too lazy to blog in detail/post stacks of pictures, so yeah...

Ya'll can just check them out on Facebook. =P

Pavilion this weekend! =D=D=D

"Robin Hood" was not bad, though (again) I looked away when they were chopping and hacking away at each other. O_O Had Haagen Daaz ice cream as well. Chocolate... yumm~! Lunch was at Dome's - chicken pie! And before I left, we went to Isetan to get sushi for my family, then to the food court to get his kebab, finally to "Auntie Anne's" for some pretzels!

I'm really looking forward to the rest of my holidays. =D

Meeting up with Choon Hui and Alex next Wednesday!

Then it's camp!

Looked through the scores that just arrived yesterday, shouldn't be that bad. Gonna try finding the actual music, not the finale-extracted ones that we were provided with.


miss you =)


David Ling said...

good luck finding a recording of nusantara suite. apparently we're the first in the world to play it.

Clarissa said...

I wonder why...