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Friday, 7 May 2010


Feeling like I'm being chastised.

It's not like I did it on purpose. Eves-dropping fail, okay? I know it was wrong to assume, I probably should have asked you to double-check with the others, but I said I was sorry, didn't I?

Must've heard all the wrong things cause I haven't even eaten yet. No appetite... -_-"

Even now, my stomach's telling me I should eat, but I just don't feel like eating anything. I wanna practice, but Liu Yi's reaching anytime now so I have to wait for her to get here.

Never mind... Doughnuts!

Yesterday was~ fun. Downside, my legs are like, dual-colored now. O_O We went to Sentosa. I liked the "luge" ride thing, which is somewhat similar to go-carts. But faster. Heehee~ Underwater world was insane, I liked watching the sharks and stingrays swim around above my head. I'm weird, so sue me. Lol. Dolphin show was awesome too! Too bad we couldn't catch the fur seal show. =(

Will have a lot of pictures to upload once I'm back in KL.

Practiced a little just now. Changed my strings! Was getting a little irritated cause they kept going out of tune every 5 notes, but yeah... Heh~

Am in the computer lab waiting for the dudes to finish DotA-ing then we're heading back to PGP. *yawns* Its been tiring these two days...


MPYO folks coming down here tomorrow! =D

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