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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Listening to: Baby, Justin Bieber

Don't ask me why. I just like the dance steps. The music itself is... boringly straightforward. It's just the usual I-vi-IV-ii-V-I chord progression.



I'm supposed to be practicing right now but Howard and I got chased out of Sem Room 8 cause they're having a class there. So I'm now in the Keyboard Lab, procrastinating.

No no no, I promise I'll get back to it later. Cause Jon Shin's working on his essay now so err... I figured that hearing my horribly out-of-tune playing won't make it any easier for him to finish his homework. =D

I'd normally just crash into James' practice room, but there are too many people in there now, I don't wanna make the space anymore cramped than it already is. Sides, once Jon Shin's done, I'll have the room all to myself. No one ever comes in here apart from the "eye-sore" couple, Jon, Danny (occasionally) and well, me.

Just found out that our granduncle passed away yesterday morning. My family was kinda pissed because my uncles and aunts didn't even tell us - they found out through someone totally unrelated to us. Like, what the hell? Do they even still view us as family??


We've kept our opinions to ourselves but honestly, they don't even care about their own family members. I'm not talking about us, we can look after ourselves, thank you very much, but they don't even treat the members in their immediate family well.


Making anchovy soup for someone who's having cancer, and not letting him eat what he wants?

Not taking care of your husband with the excuse of you having to work?

Not quitting your job to take care of your dying mother when there are 3 others earning money in your family?

When your parents are in the hospital, not taking turns to visit them?

You not only not visit them, you sit around dumbly and wait for your other siblings to pay for the hospital bills???

*Note: I'm not only talking about 1 person. In fact, each "you" in each statement refers to different people from the same family.*

What kind of example are you setting for your children? Do you want THEM to treat YOU the same way next time? It's bad enough that you lot look down on my parents' profession, and we KNOW you people don't think much of what I'm studying, you think the world of your own "amazingly-smart" offspring and boast about their achievements at every chance you get (but if you ask me, they seriously need to work on their PR skills), but you can't spare a bit of your time and make an effort to care for those who have cared for you??

Like, HELLO???

Ah well, the world is full with warped people - like I experienced myself just 2 days ago - I'm just thankful I wasn't born into THEIR family.

Speaking of which, I really really miss mine...

Thanks to you, I've learnt that a person can only care so much.

Oh, and thanks a million for being there for me when I was on the verge of breaking down.


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