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Thursday, 29 April 2010

It's Been...

5 months now...

I wish the day went a little better (smoother?) so I could tell you some things in person, but yeah... shitty things happen when you least expect them to.

Just so you know, I'm not angry with you. Hurt, yes. Angry? No. Like I said, getting angry with someone takes a lot of energy and you feel very very shitty for feeling that way. So, I'm not angry. But hurt and helpless cause I really don't know what to do/say to make you feel better.

I know pretty much everything went wrong for you today... But these things happen. There are days where you just can't seem to do ANYTHING right, or when all the bad stuff that normally doesn't happen, happens all in one day. Accidents happen, and it's not like you WANTed it to or anything. So please, stop blaming yourself.

Though of course, I didn't think what you said to me earlier was fair, but...

Okay, let's not go there.


That aside, I just had supper with Wynne, Boon Ping and Ray at the Indian "makan" place along Pasir Panjang road. Didn't eat much (cause err... no appetite?) but conversations were good. =) Made me feel a lot better. Thanks!

I'm going to watch happy and funny videos so that I can laugh and make myself feel better.

*note to self : even when you're 99.9999999% sure you can take something for granted, don't; because it bites you back in the arse later.

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