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Monday, 19 April 2010

It Sucks

When things don't go your way.

It sucks even more when you're given the choice, but your conscience tells you to turn down something you really wanted to do.

Yeah... I'm not playing for the Raffles Hotel gig anymore.

Souptel just called 10 minutes ago and said that the "event" will take up the entire evening from 4-10pm. You know what the worst part is? He left the choice to me, whether I still wanted to play or not.

Seeing that I have my jury just 6 days after that, I (very) reluctantly said : I think it's better if I don't play for the event...

It's like waving a large cookie jar in front of your face, opening the lid so you can smell the freshly baked goodies, then just as you're about to reach inside and take a piece, the lid snaps shut and you don't get even a tiny crumb. All that's left for you is to imagine what it would have tasted like...

That's how I feel right now.

I mean, it's not like I'd die if I don't play for the thingy... But I would've liked to, you know? I've never actually played for a (good) paying gig before. On the other hand, I know I would regret giving up so much time to do something that's not as important as practicing for my jury.

I know I did the right thing, but why on earth do I feel so miserable?

*sigh* I'll get over it, I suppose. But for now...

*runs off and sulks in a corner*

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oXYmoroN© said...

Heh i've given up my fair share of well-paid gigs.. the thing is, as a student your studies still come first, they will be plenty of other gigs waiting once you graduate.