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Friday, 16 April 2010


Well, not guilty per se... I AM merely taking a break from driving myself insane - and deaf - so I figured a little Facebook-ing and Blogging won't do any harm.

Yes, I was practicing.

Was an invalid for half a day yesterday, thanks to awful timing of the women's-monthly-nigthmare. Thankfully, it wasn't one of those excruciatingly painful ones or I'd be cursing and swearing the whole day. O_O

Ray: Can I "like" your mom's status?
Me: Yeah sure, go ahead.
Budi: OMG Clare, your mom has Facebook?
Me: err... yeah?
Ray: what's wrong with that? MY mom has Facebook.
Budi: That is so cool...

Random much? Haha.

Hasn't been very eventful, it's pretty much been eat-practice-class-sleep-eat-practice-sleep-eat-practice-lesson-practice-sleep... What interesting lives we lead, no? *prays someone notices the sarcasm* Only now it feels like we've got 2 Saturdays cause a few of us have been habitually skipping "Nothing-Ever-Makes-Sense" classes on Fridays, so our Fridays kinda feel like Saturdays now. =D Though our routine doesn't even change then, except we allow ourselves to wake up a little later than usual...

I still got up at 8 this morning though.


Garr... I-want-to-sleep!

EVERY time that monthly nightmare comes, I tire out faster than usual and get cranky and touchy cause I don't have the energy to do what I really wanna/have to do. I.e, practice! =( At least I can breathe now, since the jury schedule's finally out. Mine's at 11.20am, on the 27th of April. Not that I didn't know when it would be, but the list wasn't out till this morning, so I mean... I felt as if it wasn't for sure? What if they changed it to the 20th or something? I'd be screwed. O_O

Need to get back to practice soon... *sigh*

Oh, and I attended James' theory class this Tuesday, cause I woke up late... but never mind about that. His class is... well, you have this bunch of people trying to prove they know a lot, and by doing that, they annoy the hell out of the others, and then you have one smart ass making 2 other smart asses laugh non-stop.

Not because what he/she said is funny, it's just that those 2 would laugh at anything. Seriously, you don't even have to try to make them laugh. They just do it. And the way they laugh is...

Let's just say it's a cross between a hyena and a panting dog.


I'm evil. =P

Needa huggie...



BohemianStar said...

"it's a cross between a hyena and a panting dog."


I like that. :D

Kookie said...
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Kookie said...

that dreaded monthly thing...try these and see if it helps.

#1: avoid caffeine and ice cold drinks at all costs. This means ice-blended S'bux, Iced Coke / Sprite...anything and everything to do with caffeine & iced drinks.

#2: Take evening primrose oil capsules. There are those that come with fish oil too. I take ones from Blackmores (Aussie brand), so you only take one capsule instead of 2 separate ones.

#3: That E word. Exercise.

Or when it cramps like mad, try putting hot water bottle over your tummy. Be sure to have a towel over it unless you wanna get scalded. xD

Take Care!!

Clarissa said...

Lol. Jia Rong. =P

Thanks for the recommendations Lina! Will try them out! =D