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Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Was stumbling around YST like a blithering idiot after major class with Souptel. O_O

Don't get me wrong, lesson was good (though I eff-ed up a section in the Wienawski) but I was developing a headache from PD meeting - no prizes for guessing why - and after an energy-draining class with Souptel, it's gotten worse. =(

Just finished chamber studio class, and I'm now waiting for James to come back with my dinner - Subway (oh, the joy *rolls eyes*) cause he locked me up in one of the seminar rooms.

I'm kidding. Seminar rooms are locked from the inside automatically after 6, and since the dude still wants to practice a little more before heading back to PGP, I have to stay inside to open the door for him once he gets back.

Not me, I've got a pile of dirty laundry begging to be washed. And I'm NOT gonna risk going back late and having to fight 50 other people for the washing machines/dryers.


Did I ever mention how much I hate doing laundry???


Yes. I'm ranting. Right. Here's my schedule for the day, and after knowing what I've had to put up with (particularly in the afternoon) then maybe you'd understand why I'm feeling so cranky right now.

9-10am : practice
10-1pm : Orchestra Rehearsal
1pm-2pm : Lunch
2-3.30pm : PD meeting with Lionel. (at least we had pizza) =D
4.30-5.30pm : Major lesson
6-7pm : Chamber Studio


Yes, I woke up early to warm up a little in YST so I wouldn't make a fool out of myself during rehearsals.

All I wanna do is sleep right now, but I still gotta...



Oh well, at least SOMEBODY's lesson went pretty well today. =D


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