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Monday, 5 April 2010


Changed my blog URL due to... err... unforeseen circumstances.

Just for the record, I find men who add random girls on Facebook and then verbally harassing them should die and rot-in-HELL.

Wait. They should be castrated first.

No kidding.


And the dude was a friend of a friend. I never approve friend requests coming from people who don't have friends in common with me. O_O

The conversation started okay, then got really weird when he started using the lamest pick up lines in existence to hit on me. Like, what the hell? When I decided to stop the conversation cause I didn't like where it was going, he sent me 2 messages on Facebook and 3 e-mails to beg for forgiveness and for me to "give him a second chance" cause he "really likes me".

Like, which part of "I-have-a-boyfriend" did he not understand??

I deleted him off my Facebook, MSN and blocked him from sending me any messages.

I even changed my privacy settings so that he wouldn't be able to find me and "add me as a friend" again.

Sick, I tell you.

James did a double-check for me after that, and the people on his "friends" list were all girls with nice profile pics. And they obviously don't know him cause his wall's empty and when he comments on his "friends'" posts, they don't reply.

The dude also managed to get hold of my blog url (now you know why I changed it?) before I could hide it from the public and commented 3 times on my previous post. Urgh! Gross, I tell you. These men - no, they can't even be called men - these... jackasses should just get a hormone-reduction cause they're obviously just after sex.


I was so disturbed after that. Felt much better after talking to Tarrant, my bro and later, James. I owe you guys big time. =)

Okay I have to get back to practicing now. Going for dinner at 5, and we have orchestra for 3 hours from 6.30-9.30pm.

Oh, the joy...

Someone just kill me.


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