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Saturday, 10 April 2010

Clash of the Titans?

Had an absolutely crazy night. Played in YST's last concert of the year in Esplanade, then had supper in a nice Hong Kong-style cafe (but not very Honky-ish to Ray), chatting and laughing all the way till it was time to go for our midnight movie - Clash of the Titans.

This concert has got to be the most tiring one out of the many concerts I've played in. Doesn't help that the Dvorak Symphony score I was reading from was a photostat-ed copy, and in case you don't know, reading a black and white score is very stressing for the eyes. More so when the lighting is yellow-ish. Walked off stage feeling a little light-headed. =(

Felt better after supper though. Was talking about the "failed" building manager who's currently working for YST. I mean, who takes a door knob from another door to fix a broken one, then comes back with another door knob to fix the door he took the knob off of, then going back down to his office to take another set of knobs because the one he brought up doesn't fit???


To be honest, after the day's events, I wasn't quite keen on watching the movie, but since the tickets had been bought and paid for... =) And I had something to rest my head on (and hide behind during gruesome scenes) throughout the entire movie anyways. =P

Movie was... okay in general. I liked the effects and all, but the gruesome parts scared me shitless and I had to hide behind James' shoulder whenever someone (or thing) was ripping another someone/thing apart, graphics and all were nicely done, and the dialogues didn't bore me to hell, but the ending was a little too predictable (and oh-so-typically cliche) for my taste.


By the time we got back to PGP, it was past 2am and I wanted nothing more than to curl up in one corner and sleep. Which was exactly what I did after changing out of my clothes and brushing my teeth. The bed never felt so comfortable. Lol!

Supposed to go for major class at noon, but I'm sort of glad he postponed it to tomorrow instead cause I was in no shape to play this morning. Was panicking when I got his call saying that he had some work to do so we would be having class tomorrow instead. Which means I have time to recover from last night's events, AND have more time to polish my etude which still sounds just a little better than crap. -_-"

I'm gonna be SO glad once jury's over. And the family are coming to visit (and take some of my junk back) on the 1st and 2nd of May! Might not join them for the Universal Studios outing they're planning cause we've still got to rehearse for our final project performance on the 3rd. After which is - SHOPPING TIME! Already got the o-kay from the boyfriend, so yeah... I won't be going on a shopping spree or anything, just want to get a few things that I've had on my mind for some time, but won't have time to till after juries.

Right. I've procrastinated enough.


Oh, the joy...... *rolls eyes*

Need a huggie... *pouts*

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