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Saturday, 24 April 2010


I'm a happy girl. =D

Just when I thought there were no more surprises, I got another on my birthday afternoon, another one at night, and one yesterday. LOL.

Birthday afternoon - Wee Qin's card. I LOVE the stickers on the small envelope! SO CUTE!

Birthday night - Guan Yu, Wynne, Elson, Ray, Boon Ping, Jeremy and James surprised me with a birthday dinner and cake! James was being so sneaky about it. The original "plan" was just a small dinner with Boon Ping and James cause the rest of them were "busy". Wynne told me she had the cramps, Guan Yu said she was ill and needed to be home, and Ray had a concert to attend.

Anyways, as we were deciding on where to eat, James randomly suggested Sushi Tei (he's very random as it is, so I didn't suspect anything). Then as we were lining up, Boon Ping went in saying that he needed to visit the washroom. Next thing I knew, he came back out and was beckoning for us to enter. Confused, I asked what was going on, and Boon Ping was like: we special, cause I know the manager here.

I was thinking,' did he like, sleep with the manager or something?' LOL!

THEN I saw Wynne seated at one of the tables and my jaw dropped. O_O

Dinner was DEE-LI-CIOUS! Cake was mouth-watering. HUGE thank you to Wynne, who sat there for more than half an hour waiting for us AND for the cake; Guan Yu, who suggested the whole thing; Boon Ping, for err... "sleeping with the manager" =P; Ray, who ditched a concert for the dinner; Elson, for sending us back to PGP after dinner and providing "Hokkien" entertainment; Jeremy, for the chocolates; and James, for kidnapping me. =)

It was my first birthday away from home, but it was still very very memorable and enjoyable. *sighs* Nice to have such awesome friends. =D

Yesterday - Tarrant's "letter", which he got Guan Yu to print out. The whole thing was shaped in a quaver (eight note). Very creative! Thanks a bunch! By far one of the most unique forms of wishing me happy birthday. =)

Okay, practice...

Jury's in 3 days' time!!! *screams*

Good luck, dear. =)


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