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Monday, 29 March 2010


I've had 3 doses of tea today and yet I'm still feeling tired and sleepy. Guess caffeine is losing its effect on me...

It's also a sign that I've been taking too much. Caffeine, I mean.

Gonna go for a meeting thingy-ma-jing that I'm not sure whether I'm even involved with. Ok wait, I AM involved. Just got confirmation. LOL!


You know what? I should just... not bother next time.

Dunno what's wrong with my arms today. Fingers feels darn stiff and sore... Couldn't practice much, cause I still need to play for orchestra later. Some big shot conductor's "guest" conducting our orchestra for the next concert so, I need my muscles to function till 9.30pm.

Was planning on playing badminton tonight, but James would kill me if I do anything to risk injuring my limbs so... *sniff sniff*

Right. Gotta go now.

Updates some other time.

Is it wrong to...?

Ah, forget it.


Haring Kopas said...

I wonder what's going on inside your head.

Clarissa said...

Sometimes I wonder too, but thanks for dropping by anyways. =)