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Friday, 12 March 2010

Tra la la~

Okay, I don't even know why I'm blogging... Really, I've got not much to say, having vented out (most of) my feelings in the last post, so yeah.

To while away time I suppose. =D

Was working on the simple (Yukie Nishimura-like) piece I'm composing, but gave up after Jebat and Duncan came in and started practicing. O_O Not that I'm complaining, I was running out of creative juices already anyways.

Not, that there was much to begin with. I'll be keying the entire thing into Finale once I'm done with it on paper (yes, I still like composing old school - manuscript paper) and post an audio up here if Blogger doesn't go all bonkers on me. Just to give you lot a heads up, it's honestly no-big-deal. And if you don't like soppy love songs or fancy (romantic) jazz chords, I suggest you save your ears the pain. XP

Gonna watch Nodame Cantabile : The Movie with James at Vivo later!


Lou, don't blame me yeah, not my fault they're not showing it in Malaysia. O_O In any case, I wouldn't be able to watch it with you and Ivan, cause there's no time for it when I'm back (the day after) till I leave.

The dude's having studio class till 7pm *mumblegrumble* so we can only leave then, and grab dinner, buy someone's present and card, as well as take a look at (portable) air-condition prices. If they're not too expensive, I'd like to get one. My room is just abominably stuffy, I can't fall asleep even when I'm dead tired.

And now...

More - practice!

Sorry about this morning yea? =)


Kookie said...

looking forward to listening to your composition!

Anonymous said...

thank for share, it is very important . ̄︿ ̄