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Monday, 1 March 2010

Too Good To Be True

As it is with all things in life. =)

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences with me, cause they shed some light, and I could view my issue under a (somewhat) better angle. You'll always wish you could do more, it's a never ending path...


I seem to be sighing a lot these days... Well, the pile of work to do and practice does not help one jot, I haven't been sleeping well, and the traveling I've done the past two weeks is taking its toll. I've been having a massive headache the entire day, but kept mute about it.

Cause well, I think you have better things to worry about. =)

I'll be fine though, after jury is over (which is in late April - which also totally ruins my birthday, but let's not go there O_O), I'll finally be able to breathe a little more freely. I'm NOT looking forward to the final term project - now that Dr Edwards has given us a clue as to what we're supposed to "compose", but I'll take it as it comes lar.

Not like I have a friggin' choice to begin with. Gotta do it if I wanna pass. -.-"

Fingers are freaking freezing. I actually just finished with practice. My shoulder blades are aching like crap, and the ulcer on the inside of my upper lip is hurting more than usual. *sobs*

Will the suffering never end??

Okay that was random, but never mind. I just, dunno what the hell I'm thinking. Feeling kinda confused I guess... I mean, I'm trying to figure out what to do when I don't know what to do. But how can I figure it out when I don't know where to begin?

Right. That didn't even make any bloody sense. I reckon my brain cells are fried. No kidding. The headache has subsided a little, but there's still that constant throbbing I feel at the side and back of my skull. Grr...

Ever felt like you wanted to help someone but can't, and it hurts like crap to see that person hurting?

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