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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Just Because...

He takes 2 hours to wake me up.

He eats with me even though I eat darn slowly.

He makes sure that I don't slack off practice.

He gets angry when I risk injuring my limbs playing badminton.

He is the reason I stop procrastinating.

He worries WAY too much.

He stays up with me when I'm not feeling well.

He knows my timetable better than me.

He feels bad when he wakes me up too early.

He tells me when I'm doing something wrong.

He puts up with my mood swings.

He takes me out for random movie outings.

He looks like the dragon from "How To Train Your Dragon" when he tries to make me laugh.

It's funny how it happened, and we're such different people that one would never have predicted us being "an item" - to quote someone. But oh well...

Gah, this has been the random-est (not to mention the mushy-est -_-") post I've ever done. O_O I just wanted to let *you* know how much I appreciate having you around, and though you have to put up with me for more than 12 hours a day, you don't get sick of me.

He scowls in most of his photos...

But I still love him. =)



adelynyeoh said...

sweet! am glad you both are doing well. ;)

Clarissa said...

Lol. Thanks Addie. =)

Tarrant said...


BohemianStar said...

oh gosh. you two are giving me goosebumps! hahahaha. you two are such a cute couple. :D

Clarissa said...

Tarrant, no one asked you to read the post. =P

Thanks! haha. =) How's you and the boyfriend?