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Friday, 19 March 2010

I Will Have To

Sweat it out.


Had no idea where things actually stood till you told me yesterday. *sighs* Didn't blog on purpose last night cause I knew I'd end up saying things I don't really mean. Heh.

AND I was tired.

Well, we both know what to do now, so... =)


Was practicing earlier, but then my stomach was acting up on me again. O_O So I decided to chill awhile in the comp lab and have another go at it later.

This camp was the shortest ever. I don't even feel like I played in the concert. Time just went by too fast... It was still fun, but yeah... I wish it lasted longer. Had a surprise party thingy for Lu Ee in the Karaoke room on our first night back, played "Chor Dai Di" till midnight the day after, watched "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" on the 3rd night, then played "Bluff", "Mafia" and some other random card games till 3am on our last night.

Garr... I miss camp already! June, come quick!

Thanks for telling me what you felt, and not keeping me in the dark. Don't worry too much yea?

Love you *hugs*

Shit. I've got major lesson tomorrow. (I just called Souptel)

*runs off to practice*

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