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Thursday, 11 March 2010


The day didn't start out too well yesterday... Woke up at 6.45am for the stupid PD project, after not having much sleep the night before, reached school by 7.45am-ish, was all set and ready to go when...

Well, all hell broke loose.

It started with SOMEONE turning up late, and not finishing the SIMPLEST task given to her. Best part is, she couldn't even come up with a good reason (excuse) for not completing it. Who the HELL doesn't prepare their own materials BEFORE conducting a workshop? Even if the school said that they have photocopying facilities, you should get everything done at least the day before the workshop. We told you we'd pay you back, but instead, someone else had to pay for doing your dirty work.

Luckily the workshop turned out okay, or I would be chewing on your sanity. *growls*

It's bad enough that you don't contribute during our group discussions. You sat there week after week without saying a word. I wanted to slap you when you gave our project planning a rating of 3 out of 5, but couldn't even open your mouth to tell us why. If you haven't got any suggestions or ideas, at least just go with whatever the rest spent hours thinking about. Don't disagree but then have no idea what you're disagreeing about.

Your cooperation has been nil since the day we started the project planning, your contribution was non-existant, and because we HAD to give you SOMETHING to do, your marvelous sense of responsibility fucked it up for us. To top it off, that "something-to-do" wouldn't even have taken up 10 minutes of your precious time! All you had to do was print the handouts and photocopy it for 30 people. If it were impossible for you to do *rolls eyes* at least TELL us instead of agreeing to do it, then decide : ah whatever, I don't care. Let them solve the problem for me.

We were actually having the meeting thing because we wanted to address YOUR issue. We scraped it because apart from the usual people (who were actively involved SINCE THE START), you didn't even have the courtesy to turn up ON TIME.

Screw you. Like, seriously. No one's gonna want to work with you if you carry on this way. You're the epic example of a failed person.

On a brighter note...


Could've arranged to go back tomorrow, but we have a concert to perform for on Saturday so... *sighs*

Oh shit, I gotta practice my excerpts. =P


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